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This is for level 11-20 as a Guyver



Level Base Fort Ref Will Special Defence in Guyver form Defence/Rep
Attack Bounus Save Save Save Bounus
11 +11 +7 +5 +5 Mega-Smasher 5d10X5+5 +7 +8/+3
12 +12 +8 +6 +5 +8 +8/+3
13 +13 +8 +6 +6 Gigantic Transformation +8 +9/+3
14 +14 +9 +6 +6 +8 +9/+4
15 +15 +9 +7 +6 Mega-Smasher cost +9 +10/+4
no longer goes up
16 +16 +10 +7 +7 +9 +10/+4
17 +17 +10 +8 +7 Mega-Smasher cost 10% less +9 +11/+4
18 +18 +11 +8 +8 +10 +11/+5
19 +19 +11 +8 +8 Mega-Smasher cost 20% less +10 +12/+5
20 +20 +12 +10 +8 Mega-Smasher Cost 30% less +10 +12/+5

Gigantic Transformation Bonus stacks
1. The transformation takes 1d8+2 days the first time it is created, but after its creation it only takes 1d4+2 melees to transform the Guyver into a Gigantic Guyver.

2. The Guyver gains a +3 to their height, and 290 lbs. to the hosts weight. The character is now classified as a Large being while in this form and thusly they get a -1 to their AC do to their increased size.

3. The Guyver gains a +5 to their STR, and CON, their DEX is at a +3, and their CHA is at a -2.

4. Their HP (WP) bonus is doubled in the Gigantic form. (Energy to be 4X)

5. Their AC is at a +3. And they have a DR of 15/+5.

6. Their Senses range is doubled.

7. The Guyvers healing and regenerative abilities double to make it each round instead of 2.

8. Th Guyvers Fortitude is vastly greater at a +4.

9. The Guyver may only assume the gigantic form only twice a day.

10. The Guyver must pay 1 energy each round to remain like this.


On top of some of its original weapons the Gigantic Guyver boasts some new abilities and weapons or it enhances on the originals.

1. Flight: No longer does the character have to rely on their gravity abilities to fly, now the can fly at speeds far greater than before. Normal flight speed is 110, but for 5 minutes the flight speed can be temporarily boosted doubled up to 220. After 5 minutes flight its speed can not be boosted again for another 50 minutes. This is mainly used as a form of transportation, in combat the character is at a -2 to hit or when speed is boosted -4, but this is for in flight only In combat boosted flight is only good for 2 rounds, and the Guyver is at a -4 to hit as well due to the high speeds that they are traveling at, but they can stop in and instatn with no ill effects. 20 energy is used to activate the boosted speed.

2. Teleportation: Unlike that of the cocoon this is a very limited form of teleportation. The user may only teleport not only a limited number of times, but they have a vastly limited range. The user may only teleport either to a location in their line of site, like during combat, or they can teleport up to their Wisdom Mod in miles. The Guyver may only teleport a number of times a day equal to their Wisdom Mod. Teleportation is instant, but only good for just one person, the Guyver.

3. Hyper-Smashers: These are the upgraded forms of the mega-smashers enhanced by the addition of 2 gravity grobes on each chest plate. The hyper-smasher is ment as a last resort weapon. After it is fired the user must make a will save to attempt and remain in the gigantic form, (DC 15), should the fail they will automatically revert back to their normal Guyver form.
Damage: The x5 is now that of x10 instead, but only while in this form.
Range: the beam fires width and range are doubled, so the width is now 30ft for both cannons, and 15ft for one cannon, while the range is at a max of 20 miles.
Energy Point Cost: 10 per cannon, the cost increases by 6 every level of advancement in the Guyver class. For both cannons the cost would be 20 plus 12 per level of advancement in the Guyver class.

4. Swords: The swords of the Gigantic Guyver are much stronger and sharper than the original swords. Also they gain an extra set of swords while in the gigantic form. Role a 1d4. 1-2 you get 1 extra pair of blades marking you up to either 2 or 3 blades, on a 3-4 you have your normal number as you would in the normal Guyver form. These may be employed an unlimited number of times.
1 Blade: Damage: 2d8, critical 18-20/x2, slashing/piercing.
2 Blades: Damage: 2d10, critical 18-20/x2, slashing.
3 Blades: Damage: 3d12, critical 18-20/x2, slashing.
Energy Cost: 2 for unlimited use in combat (can extend and retract at anytime with out having to pay an additional amount so long as it was paid to begin with.) The amount is for both blades use.

5. Tri-Laser: The Guyver now has 2 more infra-laser emitters on their head. Although it is still under powered it now has 2 extra emitters for triple the firepower. The weapon still retains its accuracy. The tri-laser can be fired an unlimited number of times.
Damage: 2d6X3 Critical: 19-20
Range: 80ft.
Energy Cost: If the character makes a Reflex role (DC 20) they can fire the infra-laser at no Energy cost, if they fail they must pay 3 point to fire the infra-laser.
+4 to hit

6. Sonic Emitters: This power is unchanged however its range is doubled.

7. Gravity Grobes: Although the character looses their ability to fly via the grobes, their power is instead routed to enhance the hyper-smasher, and to create even more powerful pressure cannon blasts.
Damage: 3d6x3 max
Range: 60 meters.
Energy Cost: 10

8. Shield: At anypoint in time the Gigantic Guyver can activate their shields to provide extra protection for them selves or others. These energy shields have an effective AC of 18, and provide a DR of 10. The shield is emitted form the 2 orbs on the shoulders, more than 1 shield can be created with in a 60ft area, but it takes away from the strength of other shields The shield effectively provides 20 HP /Guyver level to either the user or a target(s) of their choosing. The user can divert the HP into forming several shields, but they must place at least 10 HP into a shield. Doing this requires an active thought (2 actions, or a full action which ever comes first), while creating one just for the user is easy (1 action) 1 point of shield HP is regained every round of combat, out of combat the energy of the shield is back to normal as soon as the gigantic form is deactivated, and is like that for 1 hour. Destroying one of the shoulder shield emitters will cut the amount of HP generated into the shield by half. It takes about 20 points of damage to destroy an emitter, and it requires a called shot to the shoulder, and that all of the damage is done at once. The character must pay 24 point of energy to activate the shields for 4 rounds; with in that time they can pass it around or drop it as they wish.

9. Power Punch: This isn't so much a power as it is a special attack. This powerful attack is produced when they fires their back thrusters for rocket like acceleration and channels some of its shield energy into their fist. The attack like most of the others is a full action. Unfortunently it is a strait line attack, but it is difficult to dodge. The attack is treated as a charging attack. The punch does 2d6x4 damage on a successful hit, plus the character bonus to damage. The character must have their shields activated as to the fact that the attack costs 20 points of shield energy. Beyond that the attack can be used as often as once per melee so long as the character has their shields activated and the HP in the shields to use the attack.   +10 to hit

After 15 level the enegy cost no longer goes up for the Mega-Smashers (and the Hyper-Mega-Smashers).
At 17, 19, and 20 the cost for the Mega-Smashers (and the Hyper-Mega-Smashers) goes down a percentage.