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By Discilple of Darkness from the Wiz forms.

It is time of uncertainty, change and growth: after the devastating DRACONUS'S GALACTIC WAR, the galaxy has enjoyed a brief period of peace, despite at least one attempt by Imperial renegades to seize the capital world of Coruscant from the legal government of the GALACTIC EMPIRE.

The JEDI ORDER has grown enormously under the guidance of the Grand Master LUKE SKYWALKER, despite a schism between the Jedi who supported Skywalker's neutrality or siding with the government of the NEW REPUBLIC - renamed GALACTIC FEDERATION OF FREE ALLIANCES - and those Jedi who followed Jedi Master NAR AMOS to pledge their support to Imperial cause. The Jedi have served with distinction and have become heroes in the eyes of the galaxy once more - but there still remains much resentment for the actions of several Dark Jedi who could trace their origin to the New Jedi Order.

However, even now the forces of chaos and evil are working to bring an end to this possible era of peace: the hold of the insidious DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE remains strong on many hearts and minds and political in-fighting has grown fierce especially in the upper echelons of Imperial rulership. And now a mysterious new foe using droids as their soldiers and droid-crewed warfleet as its base of operations has appeared to challenge the governments of the galaxy. New heroes must emerge to challenge this new threat and to drive the shadows of the past permanently away to the dark recesses of history...

The government and the regime of the Chiss species, allied with the Empire throughout Draconus's Galactic War, have recently distanced themselves from the Empire and quite recently severed their military ties with the Empire, now moving towards the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. The Ruling Families of the Ascendancy made this political move after the Imperial Ruling Council decided to tie the Empire's allies more closely to the Empire proper - a move the Chiss government didn't like at all, valuing their independence and their way of life more than Imperial protection (which, truth to be told, had amounted to several garrisons to maintain IMPERIAL rule on several major colonies, not CHISS rule). They even allowed the Jedi, of which they had been quite suspicious for long, to establish a training center under Chiss surveillance on Csilla, their capitol planet.
However, not all Chiss agreed with their elders' decision and a sizable chunk of the so-called "Empire of Hand", established by the late Grand Admiral Thrawn, remained with the Empire proper along with many promising Chiss officers and leaders. In fact, Baron-General Soontir Fel, the Commander of the Oversector Thrawn's military forces, remained with the Empire despite his notable liking for the Chiss, as did Grand Moff Voss Parck, the political leader of the same oversector. However, Soontir Fel's son Jagged Fel remained with the Ascendancy, creating a rift inside the family and getting a notable promotion to the rank of colonel for his loyalty.
Despite its growth during the war, the Chiss Ascendancy has been plaqued as of late by the incursion of the insectoid Killik race into their territory. Rumor has it that some Dark Jedi might be leading the Killiks and the Jedi are already investigating this dread possibility. There has been also mysterious disappereances and outright murders of notable Chiss politicians and military leaders with no clear explanation. As doubt, uncertainty and outright fear grow, the traditionally isolationist Chiss are turning more and more towards the Galactic Federation for help.

Of all the major political entities, the Galactic Empire has enjoyed the greatest amount of success and growth during the recent years under the leadership and guidance of such capable leaders as Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, the Imperial Ruling Council, Emperor Draconus, and as of now Imperial Regent Grand Admiral Cain Lochius. The boundaries of the Empire have grown enormously since the Bastion Treaty and it now holds almost half of the galaxy in its control. Emperor Draconus also reinstated the Imperial Senate, allowing the common people to have their voice heard - at least in theory - making the Empire much more compelling place to live for more democratically minded sapients. Using Coruscant as its capitol, the Empire prides itself as the same galaxy-spanning government as during the height of Palpatine's reign.
However, the recent setbacks of a sizeable Imperial force turning renegade and assisting Dark Jedi Lord Nyax in his bid to take control of Imperial government and the appereance of this new droid threat have been especially painful and devastating to the Empire. Of course, the death of the Emperor Draconus, son of Palpatine, and the defeat at the Battle of the Crystal Base which spelled the end of Draconus's Galactic War have also humiliated the Imperial power and temporarily stripped it of its major naval construction yards. To counter this increasing unstability, the Imperial Ruling Council appointed Grand Admiral Cain Lochius, hero of Draconus's Galactic War and of the Battles of the Crystal Base and Taris, both as the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Armed Forces - a post that had been vacant since the murder of Grand Admiral Pellaeon during the war - and the Imperial Regent, making him de facto head of state and head of government. However, despite the exponentially growing popularity of Lochius among the people, the Senate still remains unconvinced and the Ruling Council has lost some of its confidence, fearing perhaps that Lochius intends to make himself an emperor and to replace them. So far Lochius appears to have ignored them (at least in public), dedicating himself to defeat the droid invaders and to protect Bastion - the former seat of Imperial power - which appears to be the invaders' main goal.
The Empire is currently THE place of political intrigue and espionage, where right words in right place might spell doom for someone's career - and elevate the cunning to positions of power. With Lochius's apparent high regard for actual accomplishments and merits rather than rank and lofty title many young officers and politicians might be on the fast track to promotion and power - if the Grand Admiral can maintain his (possibly ever-tightening) grip on power. The Imperial war machine has now been completely mobilized and a militarization unseen since the Galactic Civil War has taken place to repel the droid invaders and to protect the Empire - but many also fear that this might lead to a new war on galactic scale. The recent declaration that the Empire will form a special unit of Force-users - known as Knights of the Empire or Imperial Knights - has alienated some Jedi, even those who belong to the Empire.

After the fall of Coruscant to the Imperial forces, the New Republic was reformed into the Galactic Federation under the leadership of the Head of State, President Cal Omas. The change of name wasn't all - much of the bureaucracy that had dampened the New Republic's efficiency was cut out. The Galactic Federation soon proved itself as a worrisome foe for the over-extended Imperials and after the Battle of the Crystal Base, the Imperial Ruling Council called for peace and the Federation gracefully accepted.
The short time of peace has been spent rebuilding the infrastructure, reorganizing both the military and the political and bureaucratical offices for higher efficiency and especially in the case of military, to make it larger to better deal with large-scale invasions and assaults. Using Mon Calamari as its capitol, the Galactic Federation appears to be an a path to success and prosperity. The thanks go to President Omas, Senator Leia Organa Solo, Master Luke Skywalker and Supreme Commander of Allied Forces Admiral Kre'fey. With the Jedi as their advisors, guides and occasionally protectors, many Federals recall the glory days of the Old Republic and the wisdom of the ancient Supreme Chancellors and Jedi Masters.
There exists some so-called autonomous parts of the Galactic Federation - Hapes Consortium being perhaps the most notable, alongside with Tion Hegemony. They still answer to the central authority of the Senate and the office of the President and the offices of the Federal Government, but can also maintain sizeable local military, enact their own laws so long as they do not interfere with federal laws and do not break the spirit or the letter of the Constitution. Indeed, at least the Tion Hegemony is quickly becoming entirely integrated member entity of the Federation, while the Hapes Consortium resists mostly because of the Federation's total lack of sympathy for their heavily female-biased laws and for the Hapan nobility's dim view of Federation's ways as those of little-minded bureaucrats. So far the Galactic Federation also remains the sole political entity to give full citizen's rights to the Yuuzhan Vong, should they desire to apply for them.
The Corellian Confederation has recently petitioned to have autonomous membership of the Federation and the Chiss Ascendancy has established closer ties with the Federation - indeed, the Federal Defense Forces have promised to aid the Chiss in case of possible Killik invasion. The majority of the Jedi Order openly supports the Federation and Luke Skywalker himself is often involved in the private dealings of the Senate, the government and the President, acting usually as an advisor. So far the droid uprising has not concerned the Federation much, but it has taken precautionary steps after the destruction of Besbin. The Federation was embarassed greatly when a Federal task force under the leadership of Admiral Molckar, a Mon Calamari, united with the Imperial renegades in their attack against Coruscant's legimitate Imperial authority. Molckar remains at large with his core fleet, although his subordinate task force commanders have been subjected to court martial and his task force personnel have been dismissed from service. This incident heavily clouds the relationship between the Empire and the Federation.

The New Jedi Order has prospered under the leadership of the Order's Grand Master Luke Skywalker. Although in the last few months of the war, Emperor Draconus declared all non-Imperial Jedi enemies of the Empire after a known Jedi Knight Corran Horn was blamed for the murder of Grand Admiral Pellaeon, the Order persevered and the Empire withdrew that particular order after the cease-fire and the truce. Currently there are over 600 active Jedi Knights and almost three times as many Jedi apprentices. Of them all, about one-third belong to the Imperial Jedi led by Master Nar Amos, although Amos and Skywalker have kept the Jedi Order from actually splitting apart - and now, the formation of the Imperial Knights is tightening the Jedi's ties considerably.
The Jedi Order's headquarters have moved from Mon Calamari to Zonama Sekot, the living planet, and there Luke Skywalker instructs new students. The praxeum of Yavin 4 was abandoned early in the war in order to avoid the war's repercussions on the Jedi training. Skywalker also uses Chu'untor II, constructed using the blueprints of the famous Jedi vessel of the Old Republic, as a Jedi training base.
Currently the Jedi are being hailed as heroes throughout the Federation and even the Empire recognizes their many achievements. However, the fact that the self-proclaimed Dark Lord Darth Jaden was formerly a Jedi still causes much friction and the Empire stubbornly refuses to reconsider Corran Horn's case. For some reason, the Jedi have kept quiet about the suspicions of Emperor Draconus possibly being a Sith and about the rumors that the former Director of Imperial Security Bureau, Shira Brie (who was slain during the renegades' invasion on Coruscant) might have been as well.
As of late, there has been a growing number of suspicions concerning the teachings of unorthodox Jedi Vergere and their effects. Especially Master Kyp Durron and Master Mara Jade Skywalker have become increasingly critical of them, likening them to the Potentium Heresy of old. They find it extremely worrisome that Jacen Solo has actively started practicing Vergere's controversial teachings, disappearing from time to time on self-imposed "quests". The rumors concerning a possible Dark Jedi influence behind the Killik incursions into Chiss Ascendancy's space have also aroused concern. But still, the Jedi are once again acting as guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, rarely paying attention to political boundaries any more.

The extra-galactic species known as the Yuuzhan Vong are currently divided into three camps: the traditionalists, the loyalists and the reformists. Of them all, the Loyalist movement is currently the biggest and it is led by Supreme Overlord Nom Anor, although it is quickly losing support since Anor has failed to provide concrete victories over the hated Imperial forces or over the Federal forces perceived as weak and lacking. The loyalists claim that the Empire must be purged or at least made to pay for what they did: under Draconus's leadership the Empire struck a deal with the Vong, only to betray them by destroying many of their civilian worldships when they entered the galaxy. Despite the loyalist involvement in the Battle of the Crystal Base, they are still hostile to almost every other faction in the galaxy, save for the Hutts, whom they have effectively intimidated to offer sanctuary and bases of operation. Towards the Federation the leadership remains cool, but especially the warrior caste demands even Federal blood for their "failure" to provide enough habitable worlds solely for the Vong.
The smallest faction, the traditionalists, adhere strictly to the Yuuzhan Vong tradition, waging constant war against every other species, enslaving or destroying them, hunting down droids and especially Force-users, purging planets of infidels and offering bloody mass sacrifices for their gods. They are led by the Warmaster Tsavong Lah, known also as the Divine Prophet, who is often counselled by the misshapen jester of the former Supreme Overlord Shimrra - whom the traditionalists claim to be a victim of assassination by the "false" Overlord Anor - named Onimi. However, their ranks are thinning (although not as fast as Nom Anor's followers, since Tsavong Lah provides many military victories), especially since they are locked in a deadly struggle with the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium.
Perhaps the quickest-growing faction is the reformists, led by Most Exalted Supreme Priest Harrar. They are the ones who have settled down on Zonama Sekot or planets close to it (even uninhabitable ones, turning them into habitable ones using terraforming) to study it and to regain their inner harmony and connection to the Force. They are largely pacifists, eschewing violence and often listening to the Jedi teachings in order to better understand why they have lost their precious connection to the Force. Understandably, not too many warrior caste members belong to this faction, although many do (and they act as defense forces on the planets they inhabit, refraining from using violence as anything else than last resort). It is the reformists who are slowly turning the galactic opinion of the Yuuzhan Vong away from the image of bloody and murderous fanatics. Even they, however, often treat coolly when around Imperials and droids

After the awakening of the cloned Lord Vader, Corellian sector secceeded from the New Republic under the influence of the re-formed Sacorrian Triad, who counted on Lord Vader's support. However, after the Dark Lord's sound defeat and the peace between the Empire and the Republic, Corellian sector was left alone, surrounded by Republic space. It suffered under trade blockade and many detested the Triad, who had declared themselves openly. A civil war soon followed and it continued to rage for years. Ironically, by the time the rest of the galacy were engulfed in Draconus's Galactic War the Corellian Civil War ended and the Triad and their supporters were driven away, imprisoned or otherwise neutralized. A new, democratically elected government led was formed and the Corellian sector and some of its close neighboring star systems and sectors formed the Corellian Confederation. Soon after the peace treaty between the Galactic Empire and the Galactic Federation the Confederation-wide vote was held and the will of the people was made known: the Confederation would petition to join the Federation as an automous member state.
Currently the Confederation is a stable democracy, but it is still recovering from the incredibly harsh and devastating civil war. Sacorria is still under martial law, since many Triad loyalists are still up in open rebellion and the Triad itself has not been captured, although its chief war leaders - including Thrackan Sal-Solo, a known war-criminal, who was freed by Triad forces early in the civil war and given the position of the General-Governor of Corellia - have been and many have been sentenced to death due to several war crimes and atrocities, including the Drall Genocide for their part in the Triad's humiliation during the Corellian crisis before Pellaeon and President Gavrisom's peace treaty on Bastion.

The Corporate Sector escaped Jaden's Sith War, Vader's War and the Titan crisis almost completely unscatched, but when Draconus became emperor of the Empire, Corporate Sector Authority made the decision to make closer ties with the Empire. When the war broke out once more, Corporate Sector chose to ally itself with the Empire and while it gained unbelieavable profits, it was also slowly being intergrated into Draconus's greater domain.
Now, after the war, many Corporate Sector patriots are downright disgusted with their government's inability to shake off Imperial presence. CSA's Board of Directors have even allowed the Empire to have its own financial advisor to join the Board's meetings, although he or she has no say in their dealings. Many scoff the CSA for this and the readily apparent state of affairs - Corporate Sector is now a little more than a satellite state to the Empire, producing much hardware and software for the Imperial might and often allowing its own military to be subjected to Imperial scrutiny and oversight. Especially the outlying systems have started to exhibit certain Imperial signs and loyalties and Grand Admiral Lochius seems to have little to no regard for Corporate Sector's own (admittedly meager) defense forces. The political impact of the Corporate Sector has lessened greatly and the CSA knows it - and is not too happy about it, although the sweet, sweet profit made in the process does often overshadow the various political troubles.

The era of Hutt-dominated underworld - and indeed, Hutt-dominated Hutt Space itself! - seems to be at an end. The Hutts were completely humiliated by the forces loyal to Lord Jaden in their military engagements and when they offered several deals to the cloned Lord Vader, the Dark Lord of the Empire scoffed at such notions. "I will have no dealings with those so weak as to delude themselves to think they have power without having any", the Dark Lord was known to say. The Hutts gleefully pointed fingers at both the Republic and the Empire in the aftermath of the Titan crisis, noting that the Hutts did in fact offer some warnings about the developing fiasco, but were soon dismayed when Draconus became an emperor and cannily ousted much of the Hutts' illegal dealings inside Imperial space.
Of course, the Hutts were even more dismayed when a Yuuzhan Vong armada appeared over their planets and the capitol planet of Nal Hutta during the days of Draconus's Galactic War, "offering" alliance. The Hutts had to agree and very soon they found themselves in the position of subjects to their much detested Supreme Overlord Nom Anor, who used the Hutt Space as his own personal domain. Many planets were completely taken over by the Yuuzhan Vong, while others retained nominal Hutt oversight. And while Nal Hutta remained Hutt-controlled, the constant presence of worldships has not escaped the Hutt elders' attention. Only Nar Shaddaa remains (apparently) completely and utterly free of Vong involvement. And because of their so-called alliance with the Loyalist Yuuzhan Vong movement, the Hutts are nominally at war with the Empire - a state of affairs that has sent many timid Hutts scurrying for better places of operation, especially after the notably no-nonsense and direct Lochius took command of the Empire.
While the Hutts are now for the first time in their history humiliated this completely and in all but name subjugated, many of their slave species have found new freedom and some have completely left the Hutt service. And to even greater horror of the Hutts, Overlord Anor has started to make inquiries into their criminal empires - perhaps the Supreme Overlord seeks to take command of them, as well.

After the death of Emperor Draconus, some Imperial commanders secceeded from the Empire proper, creating their own warlord kingdoms. Many of them were ruthlessly and quickly squashed and absorbed back, but at least some remained. The most notable of these new warlords - although lacking an actual warlord empire of his own - is the young Admiral Lenhart Vyan, who is famous for actually outwitting Grand Admiral Lochius. For this reason, Vyan and his followers have attracted Lochius's ire and are almost constantly on the run. So far Imperial forces have been unable to locate their base of operations and now, when the focus of Imperial attention is turned towards the new droid uprising, Vyan and his fleet of renegades have gained some respite.
However, the much more dangerous renegade commanders are General Mor Hethon, former Commander of Coruscant's Ground Defenses, and Admiral Sar-Omios, who tried to topple the Imperial government and install the Dark Jedi Lord Nyax as a new emperor. Their traitorous attempt failed and even with the assistance of rogue Federal admiral Molckar their fleet was defeated by forces under the joint command of High Admiral Dorja and Grand Admiral Lochius. Currently they are still at large, hounded by every faithful Imperial and trying desparately to maintain their shrinking warlord kingdom on the outskirts of the Empire. Recently, the Ruling Council and the newly appointed Regent Lochius have decided to appoint a Grand Moff to deal with these traitors and their treasonous "empire", so it might not be soon before they are brought before full court martial and most likely shot for treason. There is, however, some fear that they might be harboring left-overs of Lord Nyax's Dark Jedi followers - small in numbers and weak in power, but Dark Jedi neverethless.

The Ssi-Ruuki's failed attempt at the conquest of the planet Bakura and the surrounding star systems and the following incursion of the Republic forces into their territory has left them badly shaken and humiliated. What they considered to be lesser beings and slave species managed to defeat them! The Ssi-Ruuvi government was quite naturally thrilled when the New Republic had to focus its attention on the Imperial Remnant and various other powers and they could regather their forces. However, the appereance of the Yuuzhan Vong stopped them from overwhelming their desired targets in known space and now the Imperium is locked in a deadly struggle with traditionalist movement of the Yuuzhan Vong. However, there has been some signs that the Ssi-Ruuk have not forgotten their expansion ambitions - indeed, not so long ago a brainwashed Human agent of the reptilian species was found on Bakura, carrying out some unknown mission. What the Imperium and its mysterious Emperor are up to remains unknown.

The Yevethans aren't per se even a political entity; indeed, they are more of a bogeyman for those species enslaved and nearly exterminated by the now defunct Duskhan League. However, they still deserve a mention, for some Yevethan agitators have appeared in various places in the galaxy, preaching their strange mix of speciesism, religion and technological adoration.
When the genocidal Yevethans found out that their hated blood foe, the New Republic, was under assault by the greatly strengthened Galactic Empire, they were almost manical in their glee. They were quite certain that soon they could once again start their war of purification and genocidal sacrifice. However, as happened to many other beings, Emperor Draconus "betrayed" the Yevethans - although, in this case, for the betterment of the galaxy as whole. As soon as the battered Republic forces left Yevethan space, Imperial forces arrived and to make things clear, bombarded several Yevethan colonies to the ground. To this day the Empire maintains a tight hold on the Yevethan space, although they have allowed some Yevethans - especially the younger ones, who have lost some of the delusions of grandeur their elders still cling to - to leave their virtual prisons.

During the infamous Titan crisis a large and strong group of mercenaries, assassins and spies named the Alliance of the Fallen Sun appeared. Apparently they were far older than that, with history reaching as far back in the mists of history as Darth Revan's Jedi Civil War. The Alliance apparently tried to stop the New Republic (and, in effect, the Black Sun criminal cartel) from taking over the Empire by using the A.I.-enhanced modified Executor-class command vessel Titan, which could manipulate every bit of data and information within the Empire. When Grand Moff Aeros Haakin, the clone of the dead Emperor's Hand Malachai and Jedi Knights Dorn Kool and Cassandra Dour managed to destroy the the Titan - at the cost of Haakin and Dorn Kool's lives - the Alliance was sent running from Imperial retribution, since it was revealed that their leader was a Dark Jedi, also a clone of Malachai (or perhaps even the original Malachai himself), who had tried in his insanity to bombard Bastion into oblivion and possibly take over the Empire. This Dark Jedi was killed in the aftermath of the incident, but because of him the Imperial Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon was thought to have died along with his inner circle of government, and Haakin most certainly died.
After the Dark Jedi's death, former Imperial Admiral Daala took command of the Alliance, trying to hold it together in the face of massive Imperial aggression. The ascension of Draconus to the emperor's throne did nothing to help them, although the war against the New Republic and later the Galactic Federation did ease pressure on the Alliance. The Alliance offered its services to the Galactic Federation in their assault on the Crystal Base and fought valiantly against Draconus's Imperial forces and the third Death Star. Afterwards they have once again disappeared from sight and it is unsure what their fate was - Daala is still a wanted fugitive by Federal forces, the Empire now considers her to be an enemy of the Empire and the Alliance's resources have diminished greatly since their glory days.
Recently there has been some evidence that the Alliance would be locked in a struggle with the Black Sun criminal cartel. However, there has also been evidence that not only were both of these organizations manipulated to some extend by as-of-yet unknown Dark Jedi for his own unfathomable purposes before the Titan crisis, but that the Alliance might actually have taken part in the Imperial renegades' attack on Coruscant.

The Black Sun criminal organization has suffered greatly since the death of Prince Xizor and many believe it to be now in its death throes. After the Black Sun infiltrated and corrupted much of the New Republic's Senate during President Borsk Fey'lya's tenure as the Head of State (who, as was later proven, was not himself bribed, corrupted or compromised in any way, but who had to resign after the fiasco), they tried to use the joint Republic-Imperial naval construction operation dubbed Operation Titan to build an A.I. (artificial intelligence) capable of distorting and manipulating information in any way possible within the Empire, thus effectively making the Black Sun's vigos and their as-of-yet unknown leader actual masters of the galaxy. To speed along the process, they kidnapped Grand Admiral Pellaeon and his inner circle (save for Grand Moff Haakin) and replaced them with clones (Pellaeon and several of the key members of his old government were later rescued from an illegal prison on Kessel by Jedi operatives, helped by TIE ace Tan Maarek Stele and former Emperor's Guardsman Kir Kanos).
However, due to the Alliance of the Fallen Sun's involvement, the Black Sun's bid for power failed miserably and they were completely driven off the Republic Senate and Coruscant itself. They found themselves hounded by both sides and saw their resources diminish at unbelieable rate. Many of their vigos died while trying to escape or were lost to the furious in-fighting and at least one of them - a Mon Calamari named Elcgol - was captured by the Empire after Draconus's death. Now it appears that the Black Sun is locked in a struggle to death with the its hated nemesis, the Alliance of the Fallen Sun - and many observers wish that they would destroy each other in this death-match.

This galaxy-wide organization dedicated to espionage and intelligence-gathering was seriously threatened during Draconus's Galactic War by Imperial forces - for reasons of his own, Emperor Draconus disliked the organization immensely. At one point the planet of origin of the organization (also housing their secret headquarters) Bothawui was under siege by the Imperials; however, upon the Emperor's death, the siege was lifted. After the fiasco known as Titan Crisis the Bothan Spynet helped the New Republic to purge the influence of the Black Sun from their offices and Senate; however, many Bothan Spynet's members were utterly dismayed by the fact that they had failed to detect the Black Sun's entaglement in the galactic politics. Currently the Spynet is on friendly, if competitive, terms with Smugglers' Alliance and Federal Intelligence - however, the Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial Security of Bureau are extremely suspicious of the organization, keeping close track of any suspected or known member of the Spynet.

There is no actual official name for what is happening right now: a mysterious fleet of old warships appeared out of nowhere, crewed by droids and spearheaded by strange anomalies in communication network. This fleet managed to destroy the planet of Besbin and then moved towards new targets.
Even if this was not enough, before the Droid Fleet enters any inhabited system, the droids of that system are corrupted by some strange virus and turn against their organic owners. The planet of Ammuud fell for the same fate, although it did hold for much longer than Besbin. The Droid Fleet had employed some strange interdiction field and/or information blockade which prevented an Imperial task force from protecting the planet. Fortunately, the system of Bonadan succesfully defended itself thanks to Imperial reinforcements and the task force under direct command of Grand Admiral Cain Lochius. Now it appears that the Droid Fleet is moving towards Bastion and the entire Imperial war machine is on full alert.
Where does this mysterious fleet come from? What is its goal? How does it spread its virus? And how does it cut off long-range communications and sometimes short-range communications so completely? These questions remain unaswered, but many would like them to be answered for the sake of galactic peace and stability.

The Diversity Alliance started originally in the New Republic as a political party, eschewing Human influence and considering Humans and Near-Humans to be lower caste as a reaction to Palpatine's New Order's High Human Culture. However, as the Alliance didn't gain much mainstream support and failed to affect Republic politics in any meaningful manner, they soon devolved into a cover organization for terrorists, saboteurs, malcontents and murderers devoted to the cause of diminishing Human influence once and for all - or destroying that species outright. They were exposed by a joint effort of the Republic Intelligence and the Jedi Order and were banished from the political arena completely and many of their illegal operations were seriously crippled or shut down completely.
Currently the Diversity Alliance is spread out with no discernible headquarters, at least for now. There is some belief that they might have had enough time, skill and resources to pull themselves together again and to establish a new headquarters. Should they be found out, however, their leaders are likely to face charges for crimes against civilization, for some of their efforts have had their terrible and inhumane results.

Originally a speciesist organization founded on Corellia and led by Thrackan Sal-Solo, the Human League was more or less re-founded later in Imperial space after the Titan crisis. It blamed the various alien species for the crisis and sought to eliminate their influence inside the Empire and to spread terror and fear among all alien inhabitants of the galaxy. It was quickly declared an illegal organization by Imperial authorities, but still managed to prosper - until its secret parent organization, the refounded Disciples of Ragnos were wiped out by the Jedi and by the Imperial Inquisitorius. Now, the Human League is atrophying, although many speciesists do hold the same views as it does. It is feared that the presence of Diversity Alliance might gather more support for the Human League, allowing it to spread and start its major terrorist operations again.

The Mandalorians have long thought to be almost an extinct warrior tradition, but recently there has been evidence that they are re-surfacing. Boba Fett, the son of the supposedly last "true" Mandalorian warrior Jango Fett, has gathered and trained a band of mercenaries and bounty hunters which acted against the Yuuzhan Vong in their brief war against the entire galaxy. Afterwards, they seemed to disappear, only to resurface time and time again and always refusing to share any of their agendas or missions. Curiously, Boba Fett has not been seen since the end of the Vong Incursion alongside with these "New Mandalorians", although he has been spotted alive and well. Is he leading the Mandalorian warriors from afar and perhaps training new ones, dreaming of becoming the new Mandalore? Or was he simply hired by someone else with dreams of resurrecting the Mandalorian warrior tradition to train new warriors for that ancient clan? None can say; both Fett and the New Warriors refuse to answer.

A cover organization secretly founded by the agents of the Supreme Overlord Nom Anor, the Peace Brigade acted as a political party in the New Republic, helping to combat the public support of the Federation of Taris in the face of Yuuzhan Vong incursion and conducting sabotage, espionage and even political assassinations and murders on the behalf of their extragalactic sponsors during the early months of Draconus's Galactic War. Unfortunately for the many Peace Brigaders, lured by promises of wealth, power, or religious fulfillment, Draconus's violent betrayal of the Vong left the species hungering for any blood - including that of the hapless Peace Brigaders deemed too heretical. At least one-third of the insidious organization was wiped out and one-third subjected to slavery. Most remaining Peace Brigaders joined Most Exalted Supreme Priest Harrar's peace movement when he found the mysterious planet Zonama Sekot with the help of the Jedi. Currently these Brigaders help the reformist Vong to protect their planets and to get used to their new position in this galaxy. Some die-hard members still remain with Nom Anor's Vong, although they are a pathetic shadow of what they used to be, their logistics nearly completely wiped out and support among the galaxy almost entirely lost.

After the Corellian Civil War the refounded Sacorrian Triad and their followers were either imprisoned, exiled or executed - or more precisely, their followers, since the Triad itself escaped just ahead Confederation forces. Their current whereabouts are unknown, although they still have a support base back in Confederation space and it is known that at least one of the Triad's war fleets escaped from Confederation military. Some believe that they might have activated old Separatist warships or might seek alliance with this new Droid Uprising - or perhaps THEY are behind the droids' rebellion. None can say, although for now it seems that the Triad's days of influence are over.

A strange and mysterious group of Force-users and seers apparently dedicated to bring about a harmonious and peaceful future for the galaxy. The Servants of Future are led by an enigmatic being known only as the Prophet of the Force who seems to have a very firm idea of what the galactic future should look like. The Servants aided the Jedi in their war against the Disciples of Ragnos after the Titan crisis and also played their part in the battle against the Empire and its new Emperor Draconus. Afterwards, they have tried to gather even more support from the Jedi, but at least Master Luke Skywalker remains considerably wary of them - while Vergere seems to support them whole-heartedly.
As of late, some evidence has appeared that the Servants are engaging in shady and sinister dealings across the galaxy for the "greater good". The evidence is scarce and unreliable, but it seems to confirm some suspicions that the Jedi Council had harbored. Rumors also state that at least one former member of the Servants is currently under the protection of the Jedi for reasons unknown.
The Servants of Future wear simple, black robes and all of them shave their heads. It appears that at least senior members abandon their name for the cause of the Greater Good, taking on new names such as "Mercy", "Wisdom", "Salvation" and so on. So far the actual number of the Servants remains unknown and how they train new members - and who or what this Prophet of the Force actually is. It is known, however, that every senior member is given a space-faring vessel (usually a modified Corellian corvette) and its name is always "Angel of" (for example, member Mercy's vessels name would be Angel of Mercy). The vessel used by the Prophet has also been seen - it is a mobile space station known as the Citadel of Dreams. However, it was spotted only once in the Battle of the Crystal Base and has not been seen since.

This information-gathering network of smugglers, spies and other low-lives is currently under the able leadership of the former smuggler kingpin Talon Karrde (although the "former" might be in dispute). It has become an essential ally for the Federal Intelligence and before that, it was also an essential ally for the New Republic Intelligence. The Imperial Intelligence has never taken the Smugglers' Alliance seriously and now harbors much ill feelings towards this organization due to their part in Draconus's Galactic War - and the Imperial Security of Bureau has downright stated that it considers the Alliance nothing more than a well-organized band of criminals, outlaws and spies threatening the state secrets of the Empire. The Smugglers' Alliance considers itself to be a strong supporter of the Jedi and indeed they work together so often that the Alliance has often been likened to the Antarian Rangers.
Currently the Smugglers' Alliance is trying to gather whatever information it can about this new Droid Uprising; they are also helping the former slaves of the now humiliated and all but conquered Hutts to escape from their former masters' territories and to find new lives away from slavery and abuse. However, they also work against the Loyalist movement of the Yuuzhan Vong, since Supreme Overlord Nom Anor used Smugglers' Alliance for his own deeds which resulted in many unneeded deaths in Hutt Space and elsewhere.

The Zann Consortium continues to remain active in this era, although it has changed somewhat. The return of Emperor Palpatine 6 years after Endor nearly destroyed the criminal carter and killed its founder, Tyber Zann, during Operation Shadow Hand. However, enough of the Consortium's military assets remained to allow them to seize control in several star systems, creating in effect a warlord kingdom. Tabatha Zann, younger cousin of Tyber Zann, took command of this new Zann Regime and she has remained in command ever since, holding the title of Consul of Ghulam (the capitol planet of the Zann Regime and the sector it commands).
The various underworld elements of the Consortium were cut off from the central leadership upon Tyber's death and Operation Shadow Hand targeted many of the most important cities and stations for their continued existence. The remnants of Consortium's criminal power were absorbed by the Hutts and the Black Sun and some were also taken in by the Smugglers' Alliance. Some members of the Consortium's military wing also refused to recognize Tabatha as their new leader and went rogue; most of them were absorbed by the Alliance of the Fallen Sun.
The Zann Regime is currently trying to maintain strict neutrality but has found it difficult. The recent Droid Uprising has alarmed the Consul and she is currently toying with the idea of seeking Imperial protection.

The following groups, coalitions and political entities are considered dead or at least dying out so rapidly that there is almost no difference. However, the key word is "considered": as the galaxy has seen time and time again, some evils are too deep and strong to be buried completely...

The Disciples of Ragnos was a terrorist cult of Force-users led by a Dark Jedi named Tavion Axmis dedicated to resurrecting the ancient Dark Lord of the Sith Empire Marka Ragnos by stealing Force energies through the use of the Dark Lord's Scepter of Ragnos. However, Master Kyle Katarn's Jedi student Jaden Korr defeated the Disciples, killed Tavion and stole the Scepter. Afterwards he took command of an Imperial Star Destroyer and disappeared. The Disciples of Ragnos were thought to be extinct.
However, the sinister cult was resurrected under the leadership of a Wookiee Dark Jedi Shyrrwarr, who sought to re-create the Sith Empire and to learn the ancient sorceries of the Sith Lords of old. For a long time the resurrected cult operated out of the city-covered planet of Taris with the silent blessing of the planet's rulers, but after the change of heart of the Federation of Taris's President, the Disciples were forced to go into hiding. They failed to resurrect the dead Dark Lord and furthermore failed to carve out their own domain in the galaxy (it is even rumored that they failed to recover another dark side artifact of the glory days of the Sith, which supposedly ended up in the possession of Emperor Draconus). In the end, Imperial Inquisitor and Jedi Knight Danel Rynn killed Shyrrwarr in self-defense when the High Disciple attacked him during failed negotiations between the Federation of Taris, the Empire and the Yuuzhan Vong. It is believed that before his death, Shyrrwarr mocked the Jedi and the Inquisitorius for their blindness, "not seeing the true enemy - the Dark Lord is on the rise once more and you dabble with mere shades of his power!". After his death, the Disciples, already greatly lacking in morale and support, were completely eliminated: some were killed in combat, some surrendered themselves to the Jedi, and some simply disappeared. The Disciples of Ragnos are no more.
There has been speculation as to how the cult managed to gain so much supporters and resources without any actual aid, since the Federation of Taris merely turned a blind eye to their activities, and even that relative safety lasted just briefly. Some of the observers of the galactic schemes believe that they were secretly supported by some other organization and the loss of that organization's support spelled their doom. No-one knows for sure.

After Vader's War the city-planet of Taris declared itself an independent system and quickly rallied support from near-by star systems and sectors, forming the Federation of Taris under the leadership of President Shaly'aruna, a female twi'lek Force-user. Before the formation of the Federation, Taris had been a base of operations for an academy of Dark Jedi under Vader's tutelage, but after the independence, the academy disappeared along with its mysterious and sinister headmaster. Shaly'aruna quickly proved herself a fair, efficient and most notably devoted leader who seemed to have some regrets concerning her past (it was later learned that Shaly'aruna had been a teacher at the Dark Jedi academy and had even studied Sith arts).
By the time of the Titan crisis, the Federation of Taris was stable democracy, if lacking in influence and military might. However, not soon after they started to hire mercenary companies, private security forces and entire mercenary fleets for some strange reason. It was later learned that the alien Yuuzhan Vong had invaded the Federal space and the Federation of Taris was battling for its survival. Finally, thanks to the careful and deliberate involvement of Emperor Draconus and the Jedi, a peace treaty was signed - just in time for Draconus's Galactic War to break out. Shaly'aruna quickly declared open allegiance to the New Republic and sought protection of the Jedi. However, Draconus had grown tired of the fledgling government, ordering Imperial forces to conquer it. Taris itself was subjected to a devastating bombardment first by Imperial fleet led by Lord Aescol, Supreme Commander of Imperial Armed Forces, and then by the Yuuzhan Vong, finally destroying the ancient city once and for all. The fate of the President remains unknown, but the Empire quickly absorbed the Federation's space, effectively ending the Federation's short lifetime.
Recently, former Federation space has come to the galactic attention as the likely area where the rogue Imperial Admiral Lenhart Vyan's base of operations could be found. However, the Federation itself is no more, either absorbed by the Empire or by the Galactic Federation.

Jaden Korr, former Jedi student of Master Kyle Katarn, turned to the dark side during the Disciples of Ragnos's first bid for power. He stole the Dark Lord Marga Ragnos's Scepter, commandeered an Imperial Star Destroyer and went missing along with his new-found command.
Jaden discovered the ancient dark side nexus of the Star Forge and the spirit of the Star Forge accepted him as its new liege. There the self-proclaimed Dark Lord Darth Jaden started to gather forces under his command. Soon he had a sizeable army and navy and waged a war against the unsuspecting galaxy, imprisoning almost every Jedi there was and turning some to the dark side of the Force. He also took command of the few remaining Disciples of Ragnos and also received many defections, especially from the Imperial Starfleet.
However, Jaden's Sith Empire was not a long-lived one: his former master, along with two Jedi Knights named Mirenda and Dol-Gar stopped him from stripping away the trapped Jedi's life force while an enemy assault spearheaded by Admiral Aeros Haakin and led jointy by Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon of the Imperial Remnant and re-commissioned General Lando Calrissian of the New Republic destroyed the Star Forge's defenses and the main Sith fleet. Dol-Gar and Mirenda made the ultimate sacrifice to end the Star Forge Spirit's unholy existence while Jaden battled with Master Katarn, only to find himself challenged by the cloned Lord Darth Vader and an unknown, powerful Dark Jedi. Jaden was killed and his Empire collapsed without a strong leader and without the Star Forge's manufacturing abilities. The Sith Empire was swept away to the dust of the past once more. The Scepter of Ragnos disappeared, however, a point that has been worrisome for many Jedi.

While narrowly and technically speaking the New Republic is indeed a dead political entity after the loss of Coruscant to Imperial forces, this Old Republic -inspired government continued its existence as the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances with better central authority, stronger military and less bureaucracy and corruption. The New Republic's last days were marked with shame and indignity, however, as it was revealed that the criminal organization of the Black Sun had manipulated the New Republic Senate for its own needs and had caused the catastrophic Titan crisis.

The Nightsisters of Dathomir lost much of their power following the death of their leader, the dark side witch Gethzerion at the hands of Warlord Zsinj during Imperial Civil War after the Battle of Endor. However, they enjoyed a brief period of growth after Dark Jedi Brakiss convinced them to join his Shadow Academy. However, when Lord Vader took command of the Shadow Academy, the Nightsisters refused to serve him - only to find that the best of their youth had already been spirited away by the Academy and that the Dark Lord had no more use for them. An Imperial task force under the command of the reinstalled Moff Disra bombarded the Nightsisters' home villages and domains to the ground on Dathomir, leaving no survivors. For now, Dathomir is free of their malignant influence.

This Sith sect originally created by the renegade Sith Lord Darth Millenial following Darth Bane's Rule of Two was mostly wiped out by the mad Dark Jedi Azrael and the remaining survivors were almost all executed by the aspiring Sith Lord Darth Lumiya and her erstwhile apprentice, Carnor Jax of the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. However, some did survive - most notably a Force-sensitive stormtrooper squad in the service to the mysterious Prophet Blackhole, who had died of old age and mental illness shortly after the massace of the Prophets. Currently there is only one of the "Blackhole Troopers" remaining, who commands the former Prophet's personal Dreadnaught and aided the Jedi in their hunt for the Disciples of Ragnos (and later, for the Sith) and later participated in the Battle of the Crystal Base. It is also suspected that some of the Prophets might have joined the enigmatic Force-user organization of the Servants of Future, but this remains idle (if somewhat disturbing) speculation.

These Force-users were based on Taris and they were the ancestral protectors of the so-called Chosen Land, where many survivors of Darth Malak's bombardment of Taris had fled. They were never numerous, although Emperor Palpatine's Jedi Purge didn't harm them as they were already underground by that time. After the fall of the Empire, the Protectors surfaced, pledging to protect Taris.
However, when a Dark Jedi academy was founded on Taris, the Protectors found themselves in a difficult position. They resisted the Dark Jedi as best as they could and finally were instrumental in banishing the dark-siders from the planet. However, most of this small order were killed when Taris suffered both Imperial and Yuuzhan Vong bombardment - and the Chosen Land was destroyed utterly. While the survivors have found refuge in the Jedi Order, it appears that their way of life is at an end - there are only a dozen or so fully-trained Protectors and the younger ones are turning towards Jedi teachings.

An Imperial organization founded by the Deep Core warlords after the peace treaty between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic, this movement believed that Emperor Palpatine had been reborn among them and directed them to reclaim their old glory. In truth, it was just an elaborate hoax set up by few rogue Imperial Guardsmen. The Second Imperium movement did unite the warlords, though, and it allowed the foundation of Brakiss's Shadow Academy. However, the Second Imperium's time came prematurely as the cloned Lord Vader took over the Shadow Academy's management and killed the rogue Guardsmen. The Deep Core warlords had no choice but to join the Empire proper (or face the wrath of the Dark Lord), thus effectively ending this movement.

A Dark Jedi academy founded by Brakiss and his close assistant, a Nightsister Tamith Kai and funded by the Second Imperium of the Deep Core. While Brakiss taught many of the same virtues he had learned at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy, he also taught that the only way to truly understand and master the Force was to conquer the dark side as well, resulting in many relatively powerful Dark Jedi early on. Many of Darth Jaden's dark side followers joined this Academy, although their power was weak when compared to the time when Jaden had empowered them with the Scepter of Ragnos. Before the Shadow Academy could truly see its fruition, Lord Vader revealed himself to its teachers, took over its management (while nominally still keeping Brakiss as its headmaster) and asserted his control over the Second Imperium movement. Not soon after, Brakiss, who had lost much confidence both in the dark side and in himself, was executed by Vader for "incompetence" (in reality, for refusing to serve the Dark Lord anymore) and the Shadow Academy was moved to Taris, where a new, mysterious headmaster took over its management. Tamith Kai accompanied Lord Vader and helped him to tempt Kel Dor Jedi Knight Dorn Kool, but ultimately failed, although unlike his master, she did escape alive from the assault on Republic-held Coruscant and has not been seen since.
The Shadow Academy continued its existence on Taris for a while, but was ultimately disbanded quite soon after the official formation of the Federation of Taris. Its students were either captured by the officials and given to the Jedi for re-training, died in combat trying to elude their captors or vying for power amongst themselves, or just disappeared (although most of them were taken in by the Jedi).

The infamous and sinister group dedicated to the dark side of the Force is thought to have finally been exterminated. After the death of Darth Jaden and the disintegration of the Sith Empire, many thought that the Sith threat was over - until Lord Vader took command of the Imperial Remnant and reforged it back into the Galactic Empire. Even Lord Vader's death didn't spell an end to the Sith, since it has been learned later on that a Sith Lord named Darth Lumiya was active just a couple of months ago, although the Jedi are quite firm that she is indeed dead (coincidentally, Director of Imperial Security Bureau and Grand Moff of the Oversector Coruscant Shira Brie was also killed at the same time, leading many to make their own conclusions about the indentity of Darth Lumiya). Indeed, there are dark rumors that both Emperor Draconus and his military attaché, Lord Aescol, Supreme Commander of Imperial Armed Forces, had been Sith (and that Draconus would have been behind many of the catastrophes and wars that had shaken the galaxy after the resurrected Emperor's death at Onderon). Quite recently, some rumors have surfaced that there might have been an apprentice trained by Lumiya called Darth Hypocra, but no-one has been able to verify this rumor and it is considered just fear-mongering. Curiously, the Chiss Ascendancy has reported that its scientists have found an ancient Sith tomb on one of their colony worlds. The Jedi have investigated this claim and haven't denied it, but have asked the Chiss to stop anyone from approaching the tomb and the mountain - known as the Mountain of Death - where it lies. The Chiss have eagerly complied, fearing for possible Dark Jedi infestation.
Those who know more, however, are concerned over the fate of the missing Jedi and - if the rumors are to be believed - Draconus's mistress Samira, fearing that she might have been also trained in the Sith arts. However, as she disappeared almost immediately after her Emperor's death, it has been impossible to learn the truth. For now, the Sith threat appears to have hopefully passed away.

Time Line
circa 100,000 - 25,000 B.B.Y. (Before the Battle of Yavin)
The alien species called the Rakata start building their interstellar empire. They combine their Force-adepts' mystical might with their scientists' and engineers' most recent break-throughs to build the Star Forge, an immense construct capable of harnessing the nearby stars' energies to construct almost everything. However, due to the presence of the Force, the Star Forge gains sentience and as its masters turn to greed, pride, jealousy and anger, so does it too. Finally the entire culture and their main planet, Rakata Prime, are engulfed in the dark side of the Force, a state which is sustained by the Star Forge's malignant will.
Before the Rakatan oppression grows too much, a mysterious alien species appears and delivers the galaxy from the Rakata's grasp by introducing a terrible plague that wipes out one out of ten from the Rakata. The survivors are quickly overwhelmed by their hapless slaves and the Rakata's Infinite Empire implodes, especially when the Rakata's ruling elite start a brutal civil war.
The mysterious aliens lead the former slaves in destroying the remaining Rakata colonies. Afterwards, they arrive on Rakata Prime and reveal the magnitude of the Rakata's sins, dooming them to remain on their homeworld for eons until the source of their misery and power - the Star Forge - is well and truly destroyed. Afterwards, the alien species disappear, leaving the Rakata to their fate. Some of the Rakata from the priest caste, however, resist the cultural devolution into barbarians and cannibalistic petty conquerors and guard over the entrance halls to the Star Forge's command consoles on the planet, awaiting for the arrival of the one who could free the galaxy from the dark burden the Rakata are responsible for.
After the Second Battle of the Star Forge, it was hypothized by scientists that the mysterious alien species might explain the far-spread belief in angels, for the aliens had a similar appereance - white wings on their back, beautiful faces, commanding yet melodic voices and the ability to wield tremendous powers (the Force). The aliens were revealed to be different by the account of Jedi Knights Dol-Gar and Mirenda, Jedi Master Kyla Katarn and Imperial admiral Aeros Haakin millennia after the fall of the Infinite Empire when they braved Jaden's Sith Empire's defenses and entered Rakata Prime: the mysterious aliens had blood-red claws and their feet also appeared crimson and claw-like.
The aliens were - and perhaps are, unless they have died out - capable of producing off-spring with other species, notably with Humans. The Jedi Knight Dol-Gar of Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order was the result of a long line of Force-users who could ultimately (although this was not known to them) trace their ancestry back to these aliens. It was Dol-Gar who was destined to finally destroy the Star Forge with the "aid" of one of the Star Forge's masters - in this case, Lord Revan of the New Sith Empire - descendants, namely Mirenda. This knowledge died alongside the two Jedi when they died aboard the Star Forge, but their sacrifice finally freed the galaxy from the Star Forge and its corruption.

3956 B.B.Y.
Former Jedi hero of the Mandalorian Wars and also former Dark Lord of the Sith Revan defeats his erstwhile friend, partner-in-crime and Sith apprentice Darth Malak and destroys the Star Forge, thus effectively ruining the New Sith Empire he had built after the Mandalorian Wars. Revan is hailed as a hero by the Old Republic and the Jedi, but not long after his historical victory over the followers of the dark side, he goes missing.
During his search for the Star Forge Maps, Revan and his companions accidentally released a deadly toxin in planet Manaan's oceans, killing a huge fish-like creature which was the ultimate source of kolto, a chemical capable of great feats of healing. The native Salkrath had remained neutral in the war between the Sith and the Republic, but once news spread about the imminent end of kolto supplies, both sides sent enormous fleets to secure the planet. During the fierce fighting Manaan's ecosystems and biosphere were critically damaged and altered and due to an enormous hyperspace explosion and anomality, the system was cut off from the rest of the galaxy for the next four millennia. Salkrath and the descendants of the Humans and other aliens who happened to be in system during the catastrophe would wage a mind-boggingly long civil war for the control of the planet and its meager resources as a new ice age overcame Manaan's warm oceans.
The spirit of Darth Malak is unable to move on to the beyond and is trapped aboard his derelict flagship Leviathan for over four millennia before being released by a group of Jedi just before Draconus's Galactic Civil War.

circa 3956 B.B.Y. - 14 A.B.Y.
Since Revan was unaware of the Star Forge's spirit and didn't destroy it, the Star Forge slowly reconstructs itself using the dark side energies generated by galactic warfare and negative emotions across the galacy and using the energies of the nearby stars. At the same time, several Star Forge relics (including the Star Forge Maps) also reconstruct themselves in the usual manner.

3951 B.B.Y.
The New Sith, under the leadership of the insidious Sith Triumvirate of Malachor V consisting of the Dark Lords Darth Traya, Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus, nearly wipe out the Jedi Order, before they are stopped by the Jedi Exile - a heroine of the Mandalorian Wars who exiled herself after Revan massacred almost every single living being on Malachor V. The Jedi Exile rebuilds the Order and defeats the three Sith Lords. However, for unknown reasons, she doesn't destroy corrupted and warped planet of Malachor V, nor its dark Sith academy called Trayus Academy. This relic of the ancient Sith continues its existence, although it is all but forgotten in the following years even by the most ardent followers of the dark side and of the Sith teachings.
One of the Sith Lords under Nihilus's command, Darth Mortis, escapes his master's death at the Battle of Telos. He manages to avoid the Republic's clutches for years afterwards and spreads a venomous heresy among the Jedi, but disappears himself.
It is possible that the Exile encountered the spirit of the Trayus Academy, a mysterious entity who seemed to be the sum of all the dark side knowledge and foresight of the Academy, and allowed herself to be convinced by the dark spirit to let the Academy stand even after the death of Darth Traya and her Sith. This remains pure speculation among the scholars of the New Jedi Order after Jedi Knight Samira entered the Academy during Draconus's Galactic War and emerged emotionally harrowed and scarred, recanting a story of the mysterious spirit and its strange tests.
Darth Mortis, a close student of Darth Nihilus, escaped from the Battle of Telos upon seeing his master's flagship, the Ravager, being destroyed. He commandeered the vessel given to him by Sith forces - a
Leviathan-class warship named Sinmaker - and escapes from the Republic forces. The cat-and-mouse chase continues for years, during which Lord Mortis develops many strange theories concerning the nature of the Force and possible paths to immortality. He records these thoughts into several holocrons, masquerades them as Jedi holocrons, and gives them to Jedi apprentices, who are once again appearing across the Republic. He also cloaks himself into an image of a penitent, claiming that he only seeks to undo the destruction what his former teachers did by creating through teaching future practioners of the Force. Mortis is finally driven out from the known space by the Jedi and the Republic, but not before leaving his quasi-religious taint behind in the minds of many young Jedi.
A group of Force-users - some former Sith students of Trayus Academy's Darth Traya, others former Jedi, and yet others hailing from completely different Force traditions - decide to form a brotherhood to preserve the future of the galaxy and to prevent anything like the insanity of the Sith Triumvirate happening ever again. They set out to accomplish this goal by carefully and slowly manipulating as many Force traditions they could, while gathering as much lore of the Force they could. They even discovered some of the oldest surviving manuscripts of the Jedi prophecy concerning the Chosen One who would bring balance to the Force. Soon this brotherhood started to call itself Servants of Future and quite quickly they disappeared from the common knowledge. Centuries later not even the Jedi Masters would recall this sect.

circa 3951-3930 B.B.Y.
Revan returns from his sojourns and marries the love of his live, Jedi Knight Bastila Shan. The two retire from active duties to the Order and the Republic and move to live on Tatooine, where they have at least one children. It is believed that they were buried on Tatooine in a secret place to stop any tomb raiders and Dark Jedi from desecrating their remains.
The offspring of Revan would once again shape the fate of the galaxy during Jaden's Sith War nearly four millennia later: Mirenda, one of the Jedi Knights who participated in the Star Forge's destruction, was Revan's distant descendant. She surrendered her life force in order to empower her friend, Dol-Gar, to battle the spirit of the Star Forge. In unison, these two life forces defeated the dark spirit, ending the Rakata's dark legacy. The knowledge of Revan's offspring passed away along with Mirenda, for her parents died soon after.
Revan and Bastila were buried in the same cave which contained one of the Star Forge Maps. It was there that Mirenda learned the truth about her ancestry. Their bodies are still there in their graves, although in his quest for the Star Forge, Jaden Korr had robbed the tomb of many of its historical relics and artifacts.

3951 to 3945 B.B.Y.
The Jedi, led by Revan and the Exile and aided by the Republic Starfleet, finally manage to drive the Sith Lord Darth Mortis and his personality cult away from the Republic space. However, soon after Revan and Bastila retire from active duty, Mortis gathers an army of followers and tries to claim a portion of Republic's space to create his own image of a Sith empire. The war continues for five years, mostly because it only affects a remote corner of the Republic space and doesn't concern the central authority much. However, as soon as Mortis's fleets began their enroachement upon more important star systems, the Republic responds with overwhelming war. The war drags on only because Mortis and his followers stubbornly refuse to surrender and they use battledroids as much as they can. However, Mortis finally flees when the Republic Navy's largest fleet in active duty lays siege on his capitol world of Narcham (located near the planet currently known as Bastion). After Narcham's fall, the Mortis's theocratical rule collapses and his empire surrenders. However, many death- and immortality-obsessed cults arise on Narcham from time to time, greatly contributing to the rise of the new Sith some 2,000 years before the Battle of Yavin.
Lord Mortis escapes once again with his life. His escape vessel remains Sinmaker and he travels even further away from the Republic. Finally he is forced to crash-land on a planet named Cechel, where he forms a petty theocracy before he dies. He is buried in a grand ceremony inside a mountain cavern on mountain that becomes known as the Mountain of Death. The shade of Mortis lingers, however, and soon a cult forms around him, proclaiming him a god. When the Chiss arrive on the planet and make it their colony world, they purge the dark religion, although the authorities are constantly baffled how new death cults seem to appear out of nothing. Finally, the Mountain of Death is declared off-limits, since many death cultists make long pilgrimages there only to return even more insane. Without anyone to corrupt, the spirit of Mortis slumbers in a darkness without dreams, although his malign presence makes the Mountain a feared and avoided place even after the official ban is lifted. The Chiss do now know that a Sith Lord once resided on the planet, although they have recently discovered the tombs of Mortis's followers and explored them; Mortis's tomb has also been discovered, but it has not been explored by the authorities.

circa 3800 to 3750 B.B.Y.
The Jedi Order puts down a notable heresy among its ranks: several Jedi had started to seek out spiritual rebirth to gain immortality through combat and testing their limits - and all too often falling to the dark side. Once the leader of the heresy (known as Mortis Heresy, according to the Sith Lord who spread it) has been defeated, the Jedi destroy Mortis's writings and write their own warnings in their holocrons about "Mortis the Wise"'s corrupting influence.

circa 2000 B.B.Y.
A new Sith Order comes to life under the tutelage of a Dark Jedi. Those death cults founded upon Mortis's teachings that still exist join this new dark organization. By the time when the war between the Jedi and the Sith starts, Narcham has become a stronghold of Sith forces. However, it is subjected to orbital bombardment by the Republic fleets in 1302 B.B.Y., killing the Sith forces stationed there and destroying many of Mortis's old palaces, destroying much dark side lore in the process.

22 B.B.Y.
The birth of Draconus, according to his own account. "I was born on the very same day as the Clone Wars did. It was our birth which heralded the rise of the Empire and the twilight for the Jedi Order.", as Draconus himself recounted to his Ruling Council before the start of Draconus's Galactic War. Draconus father has been confirmed to be Emperor Palpatine, but he has not elaborated upon who his mother was.
Draconus's mother was one of the lesser Dark Jedi named Arivra Cathainn under Count Dooku's tutelage, with whom Darth Sidious felt certain mutual attraction. However, that attraction soon faded for Sidious and he more or less abandoned the hapless woman, until learned that she was carrying a child. Sidious spirited the pregnant woman away to the same planet where he had trained Darth Maul and kept her there safe. Arivra was given the task to groom the child as best as she could, but after Draconus's 11th birthday, Darth Vader took over his training - to Draconus's dismay, his father had all but forgotten him.

19 B.B.Y. to 0 B.B.Y.
Palpatine discovers Darth Mortis's tomb and secretly visits the place, aided by Captain Thrawn of the Imperial Starfleet. He and Mortis immerse themselves into deep discussion concerning the dark side, death and immortality, but Palpatine emerges from the tomb unsatisfied - the dead Sith Lord's cryptic answers and quasi-religious teachings are of no use to him at this point. Later Palpatine discovers another paths to immortality and uses them, having his doubts concerning the "true path to deathless existence" Mortis tried to teach him.

0 B.B.Y.
The destruction of Alderaan. The Battle of Yavin: Grand Moff Tarkin's new Death Star is destroyed along with its commander by Luke Skywalker. The Alliance to Restore the Republic, also known as the Rebel Alliance, becomes a major threat to the Galactic Empire. Lord Vader starts hunting for Skywalker.
To test his son's abilities and potential, Palpatine forces him to battle several Royal Guardsmen while his mother is watching. Finally, enraged by his father's lack of interest and by his mother's lack of support, Draconus uses the deadly Sith lightning on the Guardsmen, killing them. His mother congratulates him, but Draconus strikes her down upon sensing that his mother only tried to manipulate him into trusting her so that she could use him as a pawn later on. Palpatine is pleased with Draconus's malice and lets him join his Dark Side Adepts - but not inner circle, as Draconus had hoped. After the deaths of Palpatine and Vader, only Draconus knew what happened to her mother.
1 A.B.Y. (After the Battle of Yavin)
Emperor Palpatine's special courier and messenger Malachai dies under mysterious circumanstances. The body shows signs of a rare and exotic poison known to rapidly mutate living cells, causing them to degenerate at ever-increasing speed. Historians speculate that the renegade Guardsman Lord Carnor Jax might have used this same poison to contaminate the Emperor's clones and DNA samples hidden deep inside the Imperial fortresses of Byss.
While to the world at large Malachai was more of a special envoy and messenger of Palpatine, he was, in fact, the original Emperor's Hand, who had crossed one enemy too many. One of his many enemies arranged for the poison to be delivered to Malachai by a certain shady businessman called Lando Calrissian, who succeeded in his task. Malachai died within months of the poisoning, but the Emperor had enough time to harness crucial DNA from him before contamination.

1 - 10 A.B.Y.
Palpatine orders the construction of several mobile space stations, code-named Hands. Each of these space stations would hold several key secrets of the Empire, ranging from horrible weapons of mass destruction to biologically altered, flesh-eating viruses and specially prepared clones - including at least thirteen clones of the dead Emperor's Hand Malachai and at least one clone of the Dark Lord Darth Vader. The Emperor intended to use these stations as secret hiding places - and if necessary - alternate clone bodies. However, to his annoyance, the Emperor concluded that the clone bodies had too developed personalities even for his considerable will to overcome quickly and permanently enough.
One of the stations, code-named Fist One, would later be found by the Second Imperium movement and be used as the Shadow Academy by Lord Brakiss, the headmaster of the Shadow Academy and former member of the Imperial Inquisitorius.
Fist One was intended to act as mobile command station for the Emperor's favorites, should they need to lead their master's military forces into battle, and contained an incomplete Sith meditation chamber.

4 A.B.Y.
The deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader; the destruction of the Empire's second Death Star. A coalition of Imperial advisors and Grand Vizier Sate Pestage and Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard take command of the Empire, despite the warlord secessions. Many of the Emperor's inner circle retreat to his private throne world of Byss.
Draconus quickly becomes a confidante of both Isard and Pestage. After Isard ousts both the Imperial Ruling Council and Pestage, Draconus continues to act as her advisor.

7 A.B.Y.
Draconus is called to Byss by a direct order of the Emperor. There the resurrected Palpatine bestows upon him the task of supervising his dark side adepts and mages. It is upon Draconus's recommendation that Palpatine doesn't spread the news about Vader's treachery - the image of the Dark Lord as a stalwart defender of the Empire to the very end and his reputation as a merciless Jedi killer is too good to pass up because of his last moments.
Draconus and Sedriss start to vie for influence and power among the dark side elite; this rivalry would last until the appereance of Luke Skywalker, who became Palpatine's personal aide and whose position Sedriss would inherit for a time.

11 A.B.Y.
Emperor Palpatine is finally vanquished for good. His forces scatter across the galaxy and the Empire's dominion collapses once more. Many of his Deep Core fleets disappear (and many of them were later used by the cloned Lord Vader in his bid for galactic domination). Carnor Jax and the Imperial Interim Ruling Council try to seize power, but are thwarted by the interference of Kir Kanos, the last of the Emperor's Royal Guard.
The destruction of Byss automates the Fist stations pre-programmed self-defense systems and the stations escape to hyperspace; Draconus starts tracking them down with only little luck. Draconus manages some of Carnor Jax's training with Darth Lumiya, although holds the weaker Dark Jedi (both of them) in contempt. However, he manages to convince Lumiya (also known as Shira Brie) to act as his informant in the Imperial circles. Draconus assumes the title of Darth.
A'Sharad Hett, a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic, travels to Korriban upon Palpatine's death and is corrupted by the dark side. There he encounters Draconus who has come to deliver one of Palpatine's clone bodies to Palpatine's tomb. A'Sharad declares himself a Dark Lord of the Sith, much to the amusement of Draconus, and names himself Darth Krayt. The two fight, but unlike Krayt, Draconus is attuned to the dark side energies of Korriban and defeats Krayt. He places Krayt in suspended stasis and hides him in Palpatine's tomb. From time to time he will return there and check on Krayt's condition, toying with the idea of taking the former Jedi as his apprentice.

12 A.B.Y.
As Admiral Daala gathers the various factions of the Imperial Remnant, Imperial Proculator of Justice Lord Hethrir accepts the pledge of allegiance of the Dark Jedi Desann and together they start to train Reborn - Dark Jedi loyal to the Empire. Desann and his Reborn are defeated, however, taking many of Hethrir's finest Empire Reborn movement's Empire Youths with them.
Hethrir and Draconus conspire together to create a brotherhood of powerful Force-users under their command. Hethrir recognizes Draconus as the superior master of the Force, but Draconus recognizes the necessity of Hethrir's resources and political influence. Draconus is involved in Desann's training, although he isn't too thrilled by the alien Jedi's abilities. Draconus also starts to train his future apprentice, Aescol-named young man whose health (both physical and mental) was shattered during one of Desann's experiments.

14 A.B.Y.
Lord Hethrir's Empire Reborn movement suffers a fatal blow when Hethrir is killed and his Empire Youths mostly captured by the New Republic; Jedi trainer Kyle Katarn and his apprentice Jaden Korr defeat the dark side organization known as the Disciples of Ragnos led by a Dark Jedi Tavion Axmis before they can resurrect the dead Dark Lord of the Sith Empire Marka Ragnos using the powers of the Scepter of Ragnos. However, Jaden falls to the dark side, steals the Scepter and escapes from Korriban aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer.
Draconus sees his plans come apart with the death of Hethrir. Upon investigating the matter of the Disciples of Ragnos and negotiating with them for possible co-operation, he and Jaden meet. While in the possession of the Scepter, Jaden is stronger than Draconus at that point, but the recently fallen Jedi is intrigued by the mysterious Sith and offers an alliance. Along with Draconus's protegé Aescol, they set out to search for more dark side artifacts, despite Draconus's warnings that relying too much on them might cause insanity and physical degeneration.

14 - 18 A.B.Y.
Jaden discovers the ancient Star Forge Maps and soon the Star Forge - which has repaired itself over the long millennia - itself. He quickly becomes corrupted by the Star Forge's power and declares himself a new Dark Lord of the Sith, dreaming of resurrecting the Sith Empire.
Newly elevated Darth Jaden names Draconus his Sith apprentice and first among the Sith Lords, only answerable to the Dark Lord. Using political and monetary resources Draconus inherited from Hethrir, they start to form a huge navy. They also gather dark side followers from the ranks of the former Reborn, Disciples of Ragnos and other Force-users. But while Jaden dreams mad visions of renaissance of power for his Sith Empire, Draconus grows worried and then disgusted with Jaden's growing insanity. He starts to plot Jaden's downfall, wishing the usurp the title of the Dark Lord for himself and manipulates Jaden into seeking out Fist stations, hoping that the late Emperor's secrets might prove to be an advantage. Draconus also secretly supports and finances the Second Imperium and the Shadow Academy and together they even discover the location of Fist One. Draconus also gathers new students - a Twi'lek female Shaly'aruna, a former exiled member of the Disciples of Ragnos; a Wookiee mystic named Shyrrwarr, who had learned how to wield a Sith sword properly; and a Noghri assassin named Elgabarakh, who became as fiercely loyal to Draconus as Aescol already was and who tattooed his entire body in Sith tattoos to show his ultimate dedication to the dark side.
19 A.B.Y. (After the Battle of Yavin)
The historical peace treaty between Admiral Pellaeon's Imperial Remnant and the New Republic is signed on Bastion, the capitol of the Imperial space (and thus it is named Bastion Treaty or Bastion Accords). Jedi Master Luke Skywalker marries the former Emperor's Hand Mara Jade on Yavin 4.
Darth Jaden and Darth Draconus prepare their Sith forces for the imminent assault upon the galaxy. Draconus continues to search for the Emperor Palpatine's Fist stations, growing increasingly convinced that Jaden is unfit to hold the rank of the Dark Lord. Jaden, having relied extensively upon the Scepter of Ragnos's abilities to enhance and augment his own power, learns that his body has started to degenerate at alarming speed. To create a worthy successor to his rule. Jaden clones himself, hoping to create a "perfect Sith". However, the resulting clone (named Janen) exhibits none of Jaden's ambition and is not as strong in the Force. Disgusted, Jaden exiles his clone, which flees to the dark graveyard world of Korriban.

20 A.B.Y.
Jaden's Sith War begins. The Sith Empire of Darth Jaden assaults the Republic space and in one of its earliest incursions, invades the Jedi Academy of Yavin 4, capturing nearly all of the Jedi stationed there (including Master Luke Skywalker). Using captured Imperial technology, the Sith keep the Jedi in suspended stasis while Jaden tries to divine the means of using the Jedi's energies to renew his life force.
Jedi Master Kyle Katarn, along with two of his new students, Jedi Dol-Gar and Mirenda, escape this horrid fate, leaving Yavin 4 aboard an Imperial shuttle under the command of Lieutenant Aeros Haakin of the Imperial Starfleet. Gaining permission from Bastion and Pellaeon, Haakin escorts the Jedi to various places in the galaxy - Tatooine, Kashyyyk and Korriban - in their search for the mysterious Star Forge Maps, which could lead them to Jaden and the Star Forge. They are briefly captured by the renegade Imperial Star Destroyer Vae Victis, now loyal to the Dark Lord, but thanks to Haakin, who manages to briefly commandeer the vessel from its captain, the Jedi escape before Jaden can turn them to the dark side.
Draconus discovers the location of one of the Fist stations. He discovers a clone of Darth Vader inside. He instructs the Shadow Academyand its leader, Brakiss, to stay away from the war.

21 A.B.Y.
Manaan is re-discovered by Master Katarn and his former Jedi students (who have become Jedi Knights by Katarn's decree). The Selkrath initially capture them, but are soon freed by the Humans of the planet and manage to discover the location of the Star Forge Map.
Bastion comes under attack by Sith forces, but they are repelled after a long and harrowing battle. For his skills, bravery and leadership, Pellaeon promotes Haakin to the rank of Admiral.
The location of Rakata Prime is discovered. A joint assault of both the Republic and the Imperial forces is planned and initiated, led by Pellaeon and General Lando Calrissian and spearheaded by Admiral Haakin. The Sith forces are defeated while Master Katarn battles Darth Jaden. Dol-Gar and Mirenda destroy the Star Forge, effectively ending the Sith threat. The Sith Empire collapses in a manner of weeks and Jaden's Sith War is over. The Jedi kept imprisoned aboard the Star Forge all escape unharmed, but Katarn is presumed to be killed in action (later it was learned that he was spirited away to some Outer Rim hellhole by a Dark Jedi) and both Mirenda and Dol-Gar die to complete their mission.
Senator Borsk Fey'lya of Kothlis is elected the Chief of State of the New Republic. His long-time political opponent, Admiral Ackbar, retires from active duty.
Mirenda learns that she is a descendant of Darth Revan and Dol-Gar that he, in turn, is a descendant of the long-since vanished alien species who originally defeated the Rakata's Infinite Empire. As the prophecy foretold, Mirenda sacrifices her own life to empower Dol-Gar, who in turn slays the dark spirit of the Star Forge, destroying the station for good. Only the Jedi - and Haakin - know of this great sacrifice.
Draconus awakens Lord Vader and explains the situation to him. As predicted, Vader is infuriated by Jaden's hubris to declare himself a Dark Lord. As Kyle Katarn and Jaden battle against each other, Vader enters the fray, easily knocking out the badly battered Jedi Master and defeats Jaden. Draconus usurps the Scepter from Jaden and through a vile Sith ritual captures Jaden's spirit inside a Sith crystal for possible further use. Draconus and his apprentices gather what Sith relics they can and then along with Lord Vader's clone escape the Star Forge's destruction.

22 A.B.Y.
Manaan is conquered by Imperial forces led by Admiral Haakin. A clone of the former Emperor's Hand Malachai awakens aboard one of the Fist stations and finds himself sole surviving clone (often dubbed "Malachai 12b" according to the cloning cylinder's code). Two Jedi Knights - a male Kel Dor Dorn Kool and a Human female Cassandra Dour - discover the station in question and bring Malachai 12b along with them.
The Second Imperium movement and the Shadow Academy reveal themselves, but are quickly subjugated by Lord Vader's clone. Vader takes command of the Imperial forces from Pellaeon and promotes both Pellaeon (to the rank of Grand Admiral) and Haakin (to the rank of Moff). Vader, along with Deep Core warlords, discover the location of several of the Emperor's hidden Deep Core fleets, especially the feared Wraith Fleet which was responsible for much carnage during the resurrected Emperor's wars. The Wraith Fleet's flagship, Executor-class Star Dreadnought Vader's Fist is taken as Vader's command vessel. Vader declares war against the New Republic, armed with new resources and fleets, empowered by the dark side, and sensing weakness in the Republic, which was badly battered during Jaden's Sith War. Vader's War begins and quickly the Dark Lord's forces conquer many sectors. Vader captures Dorn Kool and tries to turn him to the dark side, while Malachai 12b and Cassandra Dour seek answers for Vader's appereance and encounter Lord Draconus aboard the Wraith Fleet's construction yard, Wraith Station. They destroy the station and Malachai destroys the Sith holocron used by Draconus. Draconus escapes the station's doom. Lord Vader executes Brakiss, the Headmaster of the Shadow Academy, for incompetence. The Dark Jedi school is taken over by an unknown Dark Jedi. The Shadow Academy's mobile space station disappears.
Corellian sector is taken over by the Sacorrian Triad and it declares its independence from the New Republic. Corellian Civil War follows. Federation of Taris declares its independence also and accepts to house the Shadow Academy.
Lord Vader attacks Coruscant, using an ancient Sith temple's meditation chambers to project his dark side battle meditation across the star system. He is killed by Dorn Kool, Cassanda Dour and Malachai 12b, ending the battle - and the war. A new peace treaty is signed and Pellaeon restored to the leadership of the Empire (the name "Imperial Remnant" being overwritten due to the Imperial space's expansion). The Fist stations are discovered and de-commissioned, but many of their darkest Sith secrets and artifacts disappear before a chance to destroy them. Vader's War ends.
Malachai 12b takes his leave and disappears.
Draconus manages to bind Jaden's spirit to the Sith temple's core, making him in effect a conduit for dark side energies used by Vader. The Sith temple is stationed aboard a mobile space station from where Vader decides to lead the assault on Coruscant. Draconus orchestrates the rise of the Federation of Taris, making Shaly'aruna its puppet ruler under his control - just in case should Vader's plan fail. When the Jedi and the Emperor's Hand's clone destroy Vader, they also release Jaden's spirit from its horrid captivity.
Upon the destruction of the Sith holocron, many Sith crystal fragments pierce Draconus's skin and flesh, imbuing themselves into him. Draconus dark side powers grow, but his mental state degenerates somewhat. Draconus is made the Headmaster of the Shadow Academy by Vader, but soon after Vader's death, Draconus spirits its most promising students away to Korriban to teach them more intensively. He tasks Shyrrwarr with the re-creation of the Disciples of Ragnos, which purpose would be to search more Force artifacts for Draconus.
Draconus discovers another clone of Malachai and using his new-found dark side knowledge, he pulls the spirit of the original Malachai from the beyond and imbues the clone body with it. Slowly he grooms this Dark Jedi for his purposes - and for the downfall of the New Republic and the Jedi.
Draconus and Luke Skywalker encounter each other and duel briefly. Draconus retreats, knowing that the time to reveal himself is not yet. He corrupts a young Jedi student Shoikara, but grows disgusted at Shoikara's lack of self-control and skill, clones her and executes the original. Draconus makes the Shadow Academy's mobile space station his luxury retreat and orders Tamith Kai, the leading teacher of the Dark Jedi, to train a new batch of Dark Jedi from those Draconus had selected. Draconus declares himself Dark Lord of the Sith.
Luke Skywalker starts to ponder the grave possibility that the Sith are not truly vanquished after encountering the strange Dark Jedi (in reality, Draconus).
Malachai 12b goes undercover, seeking any evidence of Draconus, having grave concerns that this just might be a new Dark Lord.
An agent of the Yuuzhan Vong, Nom Anor, returns from the galaxy to the feet of the Supreme Overlord Shimrra and warns his master that any Vong attack upon the galaxy has a distinct possibility for failure now when both the Empire and the Republic are so strong. Shimrra, acting under the influence of the mutant Yuuzhan Vong Onimi, still orders the incursion. Nom Anor leads a revolt against the Overlord, resulting in several years of brutal warfare. Vergere, a fallen Jedi, receives strange visions that when the Vong enter - and enter they will - the galaxy, she and her unortodox teachings will find a suitable breeding ground in one of the "Skywalker's blood".

23 A.B.Y.
The Dark Jedi academy of Taris is officially closed, its students given to the Jedi for re-training or hunted down by several different authorities. The Jedi help the Federal agents to defeat the Dark Jedi, although they remain troubled that the mysterious Headmaster is not discovered.
Shaly'aruna has a change of heart when she is saved by a Jedi during an assassination attempt. She clears herself of all former entanglements with his master, Draconus, and closes the Dark Jedi academy. Draconus doesn't care about the academy, but is infuriated by the Twi'lek's rebellion, promising bloody vengeance. Shaly'aruna doesn't reveal Draconus's identity, fearing public embarassment and capture by the Jedi for herself. Shyrrwarr continues to build the Disciples and upon visiting Korriban, he finds Janen and delivers the strange hermit to Draconus. Draconus forces Janen to swear an oath of allegiance to him.
Shyrrwarr is visited by the ghost of Marka Ragnos and begins to doubt his purpose and quietly rebels against Draconus's rule. The Dark Lord notices this, but doesn't care - even in his rebellion, the Wookiee Dark Jedi will remain useful. Draconus instructs Shyrrwarr to seek for an infamous dark side artifact known as the Gauntlet of the Dark Lord, which was used by the most depraved ancient Sith Lords to strip Force away from their opponents completely, enhancing their own might.

22 - 25 A.B.Y.
Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker takes on a new apprentice, a son of an Imperial officer named Danel Rynn. Dorn Kool stays on the Academy and finds an apprentice too, a Human male named Barion. Cassandra retreats to Kashyyyk after receiving a Corellian corvette Memory of Hope as a gift from the newly promoted Grand Moff Haakin. The Empire and the Republic begin a notable construction project together, dubbed Project Titan. It is located on the Resurrection Station under the leadership of Haakin and its intent is to upgrade Imperial Star Destroyers to a new level of competence and automated technology. However, in truth the Black Sun criminal organization has corrupted and infiltrated the New Republic Senate and intends to use Project Titan to create an A.I. (artificial intelligence) capable to manipulate all information and data within Imperial space and within Republic space too - an A.I. under their control. Chief of State Fey'lya remains unaware of this plot as does most of the Senate, although many are manipulated to vote in favor of the various stages of the project.
The fame and reputation of the Jedi Order flourishes, despite the fact that Darth Jaden used to be one of them. Hundreds join the fledgling Order to Master Skywalker's great delight. However, he receives several visions of a coming darkness, which could only be dispelled by "light within".
Darth Draconus learns of the Black Sun's attempt at galactic domination. He decides to make sure that it won't succeed and unleashes his Malachai to deal with the problem. Malachai, imbued with much dark side power by Draconus - but also suffering a severe madness which is only worsened by his mental connection to the Dark Lord - takes over an ancient brotherhood of mercenaries, assassins, spies and infiltrators called Alliance of the Fallen Sun and decides to use this mercenary brotherhood as a tool against the Black Sun. He also discovers that the former Imperial Admiral Daala is an high-ranking member of the brotherhood currently, but doesn't share this information with Draconus.
Malachai 12b also discovers the plans of the Black Sun, but also learns of the Alliance of the Fallen Sun and his progenitor's involvement and tries to meddle in the affairs as much as he can, but to no avail. The identity of the Dark Lord still eludes him, also.
Shyrrwarr completely abandons Draconus and starts to operate on his own account. This suits Draconus fine, since he has many agents within the Disciples of Ragnos already, he doesn't need the blood-thirsty and murderous Wookiee any more. However, Shyrrwarr's rebellion will not go unpunished - his family, the only thing he cares about, is brutally massacred by Draconus's Noghri dark side assassin Elgabarakh.

24 A.B.Y.
The Yuuzhan Vong civil war formally ends when Nom Anor decapitates Shimrra and assumes the position of the Supreme Overlord. He and Draconus accidentally learn of each other after Draconus captures one of the Vong infiltrators and make a deal: Draconus will make sure that the Federation of Taris remains comparatively weak so that the Vong can claim it if the Yuuzhan Vong will help Draconus in his attempt at overthrowing the Republic. Of course, both intend to betray each other.
Onimi goes into hiding and sets his sights on Warmaster Tsavong Lah, deciding to make him into his new puppet ruler.
The Yuuzhan Vong incursion into the Federation begins. The Federation panics and fears that they cannot call for aid from outside forces, since none would actually believe them (thanks to Draconus who has ushered paranoia among the Federation's government). They desparately wage war against the Vong, using even millennia-old ships.
The Black Sun clones Grand Admiral Pellaeon and his inner circle - save for Grand Moff Haakin - and replace the originals with the clones. This speeds the Project Titan's process quite nicely. The captured Imperials are imprisoned on Kessel in a secret prison facility.
Draconus discovers a strange star system in the farthest reaches of the galaxy. The planets and moons of the system consist of strange crystal orbs vaguely sentient and able to regenerate their "crystal flesh". Draconus discreetly reveals the location to Imperial scientists, who discover that the crystal moons can greatly enhance the speed which starships are built. The Crystal Base is established. The Imperials remain unaware that by building shipyards and docks inside the crystal moons they are causing them much suffering, which in turn enhances Draconus's dark side powers, even from afar. Furthermore, he starts a project called "Project Galen" to create Humans capable of renegerating from almost any wound save for decapitation. The first test subject - according to whom the whole project was named - goes insane and is given to Malachai for possible further use, but his DNA is used to grow clones without the insanity and with the formidable might of regeneration. Draconus plans to use them as his bodyguards.

25 A.B.Y.
Titan Crisis takes place as the Project Titan is finished. The Alliance of the Fallen Sun commandeers the Resurrection Station while the cloned Pellaeon is inspecting new upgraded ships - including the Star Dreadnought Titan which is the shell for the A.I. The Dark Jedi Malachai demands immense ransoms. The Council of Moffs remain doubtful, while Grand Moff Haakin decides to act to free Pellaeon. Malachai 12b emerges from hiding to help Cassandra Dour and Dorn Kool, who are sent by the Jedi to deal with this problem. The Resurrection Station is destroyed and Titan activated, but its A.I. is corrupted by a computer virus designed by Malachai. It becomes murderous and unstable.
Pellaeon is killed by the Alliance mercenaries. Haakin assumes de facto leadership of the Empire and promotes himself to the rank of Grand Admiral. However, the Council of Moffs accuse Haakin of murdering Pellaeon. Haakin sets course to Bastion under the influence of Malachai, not knowing about the Titan's corruption.
Malachai 12b and Malachai battle and the former Emperor's Hand is defeated and killed by his much more emphatic and sympathetic clone. Cassandra Dour and Dorn Kool encounter a strange man named Galen who seems to be unable to die due to his regeneration, until they decapitate him. Dorn Kool's apprentice encounters his mother, who turns him to the dark side.
Upon arriving on Bastion, the Titan goes completely mad, deciding to destroy the Imperial capitol. Unleashing terrible amounts of missiles and torpedoes and using its influence to hijack the planet's shield systems the A.I. intends to execute Order Base Delta Zero, however, Dorn Kool sacrifices himself to destroy the missiles while Cassandra destroys the A.I. The Titan and its support vessels - eight modified Imperial Star Destroyers - become inert, an easy pray for a relationary strike by the Imperials. Cassandra and Malachai 12b escape, while confused and horrified Haakin stays behind despite the pleading of the Moffs' Council (who had learned the truth about the whole fiasco after the Titan's influence disappeared from their databanks) and dies when the Titan Fleet is destroyed. Malachai 12b and Cassandra Dour disappear, but they are declared criminals and enemies of the Empire due to the suspicions placed upon them concerning Pellaeon and Haakin's deaths.
The Empire is put on full alert and all diplomatic communications with Coruscant and the New Republic are severed.
Borks Fey'lya is forced to resign from his position of the Chief of State of the New Republic and Senator Leia Organa Solo is made acting President until the Senate can elect a new President. Republic Intelligence works together with Smugglers' Alliance and manages to uncover many Black Sun operatives and corrupt Senators, capturing most of them. Black Sun is being hunted down across the galaxy while the Imperial forces also engage Alliance of the Fallen Sun's resources, hoping to revenge themselves upon the Alliance.
A schism in Jedi Order: a large group of Jedi led by Master Nar Amos secceeds from the main Order and offer their services and support for the Empire. Mara Jade Skywalker's apprentice, Danel Rynn, is among them after learning that the Titan crisis claimed his father's life.
The Moffs' Council disbands itself and Imperial Ruling Council is formed to better answer the demand for strong central authority. Moff Janek Sunber becomes the Speaker of the Ruling Council. Imperial Inquisitorius is reformed to hunt down possible Dark Jedi who might be involved in the Alliance of the Fallen Sun's dealings or in Black Sun's operations.
Draconus is surprised by Malachai's madness and actions, but is at least pleased that the Titan Fleet is destroyed. He starts to make preparations for returning to the Imperial circles of power by contacting Moff Kevyan Windrunner, Director of Imperial Security Bureau, Moff Flennic, the leading member of the Moffs' Council and a die-hard Imperial loyalist, and Darth Lumiya, who quickly assumes (as her "true" identity Shira Brie) a position close to Moff Windrunner. Draconus plans to ascend to his father's throne and at last rule the Empire.
Draconus's Dark Jedi discover the location of the Gauntlet of the Dark Lord and deliver it to their master.
Admiral Daala takes command of the Alliance of the Fallen Sun.
26 A.B.Y. (After the Battle of Yavin)
Senator Cal Omas is elected to be the President of the New Republic. The Jedi, aided by the Smugglers' Alliance, discover that the Black Sun's infiltration was greatly aided by the corrupt Senator of Kuat Viqi Sesh, who manages to flee before being arrested on the charges of high treason and conspiracy against the lawful government of the Republic. The sovereign system of Kuat secceeds from the Republic when Republic officials start investigations into how much Kuati politicians knew of the Black Sun operations. Kuat formally pledges its allegiance to the Empire. Borsk Fey'lya's reputation is redeemed in the light of the evidence that he wasn't involved in any way or form in the Black Sun, but his political career is over. However, he offers his gratitude to the Jedi who saved his reputation - Jedi Knights Jacen and Jaina Solo, Samira and "Mick" the Miraluka, whose true name remains secret to the galaxy at large, and to the Jedi apprentice Anakin Solo. Cal Omas, despite heavy pressure, refuses to dismiss Fey'lya's cousin, Admiral Kre'fey, from service and instead places him in the charge of producing new Star Destroyers of Defender-class, gaining much political support from the Bothans.
After much political debate, the Empire re-establishes diplomatic ties with the Republic, but the relationship between the two governments remain cold.
Draconus reveals himself to the galaxy at large. Despite the fact that he was involved in Lord Vader's Dark Jedi, he gains immense popularity among the Imperials, especially upon expressing deepest sorrow for his past sins. With the support from Moff Flennic and Moff Windrunner, Draconus becomes Emperor. He places his aide, Lord Aescol to the position of the Supreme Commander of Imperial Armed Forces and promotes Flennic to the rank of Grand Moff. Draconus re-establishes the Imperial Senate. The Empire of Hand, established by Grand Admiral Thrawn, pledges its allegiance to the new Emperor and re-joins the Empire proper.
Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon and Jedi Master Kyle Katarn are both discovered alive and well on Kessel in a secret prison. Pellaeon re-enters military service and Katarn joins Skywalker's mainstream Order, but voices loudly and clearly his suspicions about Draconus. They are freed by TIE fighter ace pilot Maarek Stele, a group of Jedi Knights and by the former Emperor's Guardsman Kir Kanos, who also re-enters service and is given the rank of the Captain of the Imperial Guard.
A string of bloody murders shake Coruscant and after investigations, it is concluded that they are the work of Dark Jedi Shoikara. The Jedi stop her, but are forced to kill her in self-defense.
The famed Naboo system joins the Empire after a Dark Jedi tries to topple the Royal government at Theed and is stopped mostly by the Imperial stormtroopers and Imperial Jedi, led by Inquisitor Danel Rynn.
Disciples of Ragnos are defeated once more and this time permanently. Their leader goes missing, although it is later reported that he was slain by Danel Rynn.
The Yuuzhan Vong invasion is revealed to the galaxy as the President of the Federation of Taris Saly'aruna pleads for the Republic help. Supreme Overlord Nom Anor agrees to peace, if it is meditated by the Imperials. However, the negotiations fail as "Republic forces" attack (it has been learned later that it was a strong unit of mercenaries and pirates); at the same time, a task force under the command of Kre'fey accidentally enters the Empire's Crystal Base. During their escape, the Wookiee hero Chewbacca is killed while destroying and Imperial interdiction field to allow his friends and allies to escape an Imperial armada. Enraged upon these gross violations of galactic diplomacy and still smarting from the Titan crisis, the Empire declares war. Chiss Ascendancy, Corporate Sector and the Yuuzhan Vong ally themselves with the Empire, while the Federation of Taris, Hapes Consortium and the Tion Hegemony support the New Republic. Draconus's Galactic War has begun.
The spirit of Anakin Skywalker appears in many Jedi's dreams, warning them of dark times to come. Servants of Future make their presence known and also warn the Jedi of a great darkness that is to come.
Darth Malak's spirit is finally laid to rest when Danel Rynn, Mick the Miraluka and Samira enter Rakata Prime in their search for more clues concerning the mysterious invaders of Federation space. They learn that the Vong are somehow outside the normal "frequency" of the Force.
Darth Mortis is awakened once more when a Chiss scientist named Akral'nee'sabosen discovers his tomb. The scientist is instantly awe-struck by the ancient spirit and swears to follow Mortis's teachings. Mortis takes him as his new apprentice and names him Darth Necron.
Lord Nyax - former Irek Ismaren - awakens on Coruscant, according to the wishes of his mother, former Emperor's Hand Roganda Ismaren. To test Nyax's capabilities, Roganda sets him on a murder spree, which is credited to Shoikara. Satisfied with the results, Roganda recalls his genetically modified son back to their secret lair. "Shoikara" in question is a clone created by Draconus and sent to Coruscant's underworld to seek possible contacts. Jedi Samira and Mick the Miraluka defeat her, but she kills herself before revealing anything about her Master.
The Dark Jedi on Naboo was in reality Barion, gone mad over grief for the death of his mother at the hands of "The Lord of Darkness" - Draconus. He is taken by the Inquisitorius and is later killed when a prisoner shuttle carrying him explodes.
Luke Skywalker starts to suspect that Draconus is the Dark Lord of the Sith.
During Kre'fey's accidental foray into the Crystal Base, Samira and Mick are forced to battle with Elgabarakh and manage to kill him before he can finish off Samira's little brother Samin or interfere with the Republic fleet's escape. At the same time, Danel Rynn battles Shyrrwarr, who refuses to surrender and before he dies by his own blade, exclaims that the Jedi are fools, serving the Dark Lord while deluding themselves otherwise.

27 A.B.Y.
The Wookiee planet of Kashyyyk is bombarded by Imperial forces, but thanks to quick intervention by Republic forces, most of the planet remains intact, although its military and scientific centers are lost, along with many cities. The only Imperial vessel to escape destruction or capture is the famous Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera under the command of Captain Cain Lochius.
Jedi Master Kyp Durron leads many Jedi to join the Republic, while Luke Skywalker's Jedi stay initially neutral.
The Yuuzhan Vong attack the New Republic en masse, inflicting heavy casualties and massive collateral damage. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and his nephnew Jacen Solo set out to answer a mysterious call in the Force and discover the living planet of Zonama Sekot.
A new star system is found. The system's main star radiates strange radiation which greatly speeds physical degeneration and aging process. Due to the radiation, Master Katarn dies. The Empire manages to seize the star system for its own purposes.
Acting on Emperor Draconus's orders, a sizeable Imperial task force destroys most of the Vong's civilian worldships when they enter the galaxy. The enraged Vong swear vengeance.
Taris is invaded by Imperial forces led by the newly promoted Admiral Lochius. He quickly defeats the defense fleet and demands surrender, but Republic reinforcements arrive - and soon after, Imperial reinforcements. Lochius and his fleet manage to slip away when a sizeable Yuuzhan Vong fleet appears and starts to attack every other ship. They also invade the Crystal Base, but are eluded by the appereance of Lochius's fleet, which leads many of their finest warships to the age-radiating star system, decaying the living vessels, thus saving the Crystal Base. It is thought that President Saly'aruna is killed during Taris's bombardment by the enraged Yuuzhan Vong forces.
The Yuuzhan Vong capture Inquisitor Danel Rynn, but he is soon after set free by Vergere. The Yuuzhan Vong fragmentation begins when High Priest Harrar visits Zonama Sekot. Supreme Overlord's grip on his people loosens considerably and the Vong are split into three factions: loyalists, traditionalists and reformists.
The Federation of Taris is completely subjugated by the Empire. Moff Windrunner dies under mysterious circumanstances and special agent Shira Brie replaces him as the Director of Imperial Security Bureau. Janek Sunber receives the rank of Grand Moff from the Emperor himself.
The war turns against the New Republic, even with Admiral Ackbar leading their forces.
Two Jedi Knights - female Twi'lek Alema Rar and male Human Raynar Thul - disappear during a daring raid against the Yuuzhan Vong. Despite many attempts by the Jedi, their whereabouts remain unknown.
Corellian Civil War ends, the Sacorrian Triad is exiled and the Corellian Confederation is formed.
Jaden's clone Janen, acting under Draconus's instructions, turns Samira towards the dark side after her close brush with the dark side in Trayus Academy on Malachor V. On Korriban, Samira kills Moff Windrunner in an act of hate and rage and Draconus appears and completes Samira's descent into darkness. He takes her as his new apprentice and lover.
Janen also instructs Mick the Miraluka how to use the ancient Jedi power of severing a Dark Jedi's ties to the Force.
Due to his constant exposure to various dark side artifacts and to the torment of the crystal moons, Draconus's sanity detoriates. However, he manages to track down Malachai 12b and Cassandra Dour and drain their Force powers through the Gauntlet of the Dark Lord. He then imprisons the two, enjoying their misery with mad glee.
Alema Rar and Raynar Thul succeed in destroying the source of the Yuuzhan Vong's Jedi-hunting voxyn, but are almost immediately thereafter confronted by two of Draconus's Dark Jedi, Lomi Plo and her apprentice Welk, who hoped to curry favor in their Lord's eyes by delivering captive Jedi. A fierce fight ensued, during which Lomi Plo tempted Alema Rar with the possibility of destroying her family and causing the already unstable Jedi to fall to the dark side. Raynar Thul and Alema Rar defeat the Dark Jedi, but at Alema's insistence they try to track the fleeing Dark Jedi, who hope to escape to Chiss space. However, their vessels crash-land and they are saved by the mysterious Killik species thanks to Raynar's Force persuasion.
Lomi Plo and Welk succeed in hiding from their Jedi enemies even among the Killik, while Raynar is in short order absorbed in the Killik hive mind. Alema resists at first, but is also absorbed and her hate creates a strong breeding ground for warrior-like Killiks, while Raynar's benevolence creates a hive of invidual-caring Killiks. The Dark Jedi are later also absorbed into different hives, creating a virulent Dark Nest of the Killiks driven to anger and hate by the Dark Jedi.

28 A.B.Y.
Coruscant falls to the Empire. Borsk Fey'lya commits suicide by blowing up the Imperial Palace with him inside while proclaiming on galaxy-wide broadcast that "the galaxy will never again suffer a tyrant like Palpatine. The era of your kind is over, Emperor Draconus - sooner or later you and your oppression will be swept away". The New Republic is re-organized into the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and establishes its new headquarters on Mon Calamari.
Luke Skywalker's Jedi join the Federation, sensing the darkness that has infected the Empire's leadership. The Jedi Praxeum of Yavin 4 is deserted and the headquarters of the Jedi is moved to Mon Calamari.
The Vong led by Nom Anor practically conquer the Hutt Space and turn it into their own domain. The traditionalists make their way to the galactic rim and under the leadership of Warmaster Tsavong Lah begin a war against the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium. The reformists join the Federation and try to re-establish their connection to the Force through Zonama Sekot.
High Inquisitor Danel Rynn turns against the Empire and slays Lord Aescol in personal combat. He barely escapes from Imperial retribution and joins the Federation. Grand Admiral Pellaeon is made the new Supreme Commander.
Samira is completely corrupted by Draconus. Upon learning of his friend's fate and Draconus's true nature, Danel Rynn challenges the Dark Lord to a duel - and loses. He is whisked away from impending execution by a Smugglers' Alliance's operative Alax Vir and with the help of Mick the Miraluka, they defeat Darth Aescol, who had come to slay the Inquisitor personally to re-gain his master's favor from Samira.
Project Galen's first batch is complete and Draconus integrates them into his Guard without Kir Kanos's awareness. However, soon after a strike team of the Jedi destroy the project base and the remaining clones.
Vergere remains with High Priest Harrar's Vong starts to preach her unorthodox philosophy, quickly converting Jacen Solo to her way of thinking.
The puppetmaster Onimi starts to influence Tsavong Lah for his own purposes - to destroy the heretics' galaxy and avenge Onimi upon the Vong elite.
The Crystal Base starts constructing a
third Death Star on Draconus's orders. The secret operation takes place inside one of the crystal moons and is code-named "Crystal's Heart".

29 A.B.Y.
The Federal forces gather many victories over the Empire, infuriating apparently mentally unbalanced Draconus. Admirals Ackbar and Kre'fey lead the Federal forces from victory to victory and star to regain lost territories. The Empire's rule of the galaxy diminishes.
Several Imperial key members of military and politics are apparently slain by Jedi - one of them being Pellaeon, killed by no other than Corran Horn, although the evidence suggests that someone tried to frame the Jedi. Draconus declares all non-Imperial Jedi enemies of the Empire and starts a brutal pogrom, reminding many of the horrors of the Jedi Purge.
The Federation attacks Coruscant, Kuat, Bastion and the Crystal Base, intending to neutralize many of the Empire's key shipyards and strike fear into hears of the Empire's elite. However, they are trapped in Crystal Base and the third Death Star is revealed. Admiral Ackbar is killed during the battle, but thanks to saboteurs, the Death Star's shields are deactivated - and the shields of the Crystal Base's main power generators. Emperor Draconus is killed by Mick the Miraluka and Danel Rynn aboard the third Death Star and the Imperial fleet is thrown into chaos until order is re-established by Admiral Lochius. The Death Star is destroyed and the Crystal Base rendered useless, although Lochius's forces inflict heavy casualties upon the Federal fleet. Emperor's special agent Samira executes Danel Rynn and Mick the Miraluka is taken in by the ISB. At the same time, Kuat's shipyards are damaged badly and it will take years to repair them entirely.
A cease-fire is quickly negotiated between the Federation and the Empire. The order for the execution of the Jedi is withdrawn. Cease-fire turns into a full peace treaty. Draconus's Civil War is over.
The Ruling Council takes upon itself to rule the Empire in absence of any suitable candidate for the throne. The Federation grows in size as many sectors and star systems rejoin it to escape Imperial control.
Draconus unleashes several surgically altered Dark Jedi to cleanse the Imperial war machine and state from non-loyal subjects, while blaming the Jedi. His plan is somewhat foiled, however, by the fact that thanks to Tamith Kai's (whose mission it was to orchestrate the murders) incompetence, some evidence remains that these were not attacks made by the proper Jedi.
The Servants of Future join in the attack against the Crystal Base, sensing that doom of the Emperor is near at hand. Several Yuuzhan Vong fleets also oppose the immense Imperial armada.
Draconus and Samira quickly defeat the Jedi, but Mick the Miraluka tricks Draconus into consuming his Force powers. However, in doing so Draconus also summons the presence of the Chosen One - Anakin Skywalker -, drawn to the nobility of this sacrifice, who enters Draconus's essence and fills the darkness of the Sith with light. Draconus is consumed in a brutal blast of dark side energies, destroying half of the Death Star's control room. The Jedi prophecy is fulfilled. The Gauntlet of the Dark Lord is consumed in the process, ending its evil existence.
Samira, enraged over her lover's death, executes Danel Rynn and her own brother as well, having been jealous for the attention Draconus gave him (Draconus had suspected that the younger sibling would be stronger in the Force). She then flees to Korriban.
Darth Krayt awakens on Korriban upon Draconus's death and manages to leave Korriban before Samira - now calling herself Darth Samira in honor of Draconus - arrives. Krayt arrives on Malachor V and starts seeking ancient Sith lore.
Lord Nyax breaks free of her mother's mental control and mentally dominates her, in turn. Roganda Ismaren becomes a little more than a puppet and a remote speaker for his son, competely devoted to the rage of the dark side.
Tamith Kai contacts Darth Lumiya - Shira Brie - and the two start plotting for a way to gain control of the Empire.
Every single "Galen Guardsman" commits suicide upon their master's death. Kir Kanos disappears, seeking those responsible for the death of his Emperor. He starts tracking down Lord Krayt, believing him to be behind Draconus's death.
Cassandra Dour and Malachai 12b escape from captivity and are taken in by the Jedi. The duo starts to look for a wayo to re-establish their connection to the Force.

30 A.B.Y.
Grand Moff Flennic is murdered on Coruscant. Shira Brie becomes the next Grand Moff of Oversector Coruscant. Lochius is promoted to the rank of Grand Admiral.
Chiss Ascendancy breaks its alliance with the Empire and seeks alliance with the Federation. An ancient Sith tomb is discovered on the planet Cechel in Chiss space, but trusting Jedi's advice, the Chiss authorities make the place and the surrounding mountain forbidden to enter or approach. A Jedi academy is opened on Csilla, the capitol of the Ascendancy.
Corellian Confederation seeks membership in the Federation.
The Jedi's headquarters is moved to Zonama Sekot. The Jedi start to grow suspicious of the Servants of Future, especially after they show increasing interest in the ancient Sorcerers of Tund and similar fringe Force sects - and in the recently discovered Sith tomb. Vergere's teachings are officially rebuked by Master Skywalker. A Jedi Council is formed and Luke Skywalker made its Grand Master.
An Imperial renegade fleet attacks Coruscant supported by a rogue Federal fleet under the command of Admiral Molckar and several Alliance of the Fallen Sun's units. A Dark Jedi named Lord Nyax imprisons many members of the Ruling Council, demanding the throne. He is defeated by Master Amos and several other Jedi - including a female Human named Neyna Anam-Carh and Royal Guardsmen. Grand Admiral Lochius is injured in the fight - he loses his right hand (to be replaced by a cybernetic one) and his face will bear a permanent scar from now on - and Grand Moff Brie is killed. The renegade leaders - General Mor Hethon and Admiral Sar-Omios escape, along with Lord Nyax's public speaker, Roganda Ismaren and the rogue Federal Admiral.
The Chiss report sightings of the Killiks near their borders. No communication has yet been established, but the already nervous Chiss - many of their leaders have fallen to a mysterious assassin - consider the Killiks to be a possible threat.
A strange droid uprising takes place in Besbin and strange communication problems arise. Soon the system is completely shut off the galactic communication network. A huge fleet of mysterious ships, apparently crewed by droids, appears and destroys Besbin. The same fate befalls on Ammuud, but thanks to Imperial interference, the planet Bonadan survives.
Lochius becomes Regent of the Empire in order to deal with this droid uprising. he recommissions the Senate Guard and also starts recruiting more Imperial Guardsmen. Military budget grows and Lochius forms a new order of Force-users dedicated entirely to the Empire, the Knights of the Empire or Imperial Knights. A mysterious figure completely dressed in red robes and tunics starts to follow Lochius wherever his goes, supposedly his bodyguard.
Lochius declares a state of war in the Empire, intending to prevent the droid uprising from destroying the Empire.
Flennic and Brie suggest the reformation of the Emperors' Hands; the Ruling Council declines.
Lord Nyax contacts the renegade commanders through his mother and convinces them to support his bid for power. Nyax discovers a large Force nexus under the Jedi High Temple and plans to use it.
A rogue Servant of Future, disgusted with his brotherhood's madness and corruption, escapes to Cechel. He discovers the Sith tomb, but before he can do anything about it, two Jedi find him and capture him. Darth Necron in his civilian identity, lures them away from the tomb of his master. Despite the Servants' insistence, their fallen member is not returned to them. Rather, he is placed under the protection of the Jedi.
Darth Lumiya corrupts the young Jedi Neyna Anam-Carh and plans to use her as her weapon against several opponents in the Imperial hierarchy. However, the spirit of Draconus interferes, making Neyna his apprentice and naming her Darth Hypocra. Neyna slays Flennic, who opposes Lochius (with whom Neyna has fallen in love). During Nyax's insurrection, Hypocra resurrects Draconus using the dead Dark Jedi's energies and the terrible power of the Force nexus. The resurrected Sith battles several Jedi Knights and Masters at the same time while Hypocra kills Lumiya. After in a fit of rage Draconus injures Lochius, Hypocra turns against him, but is also quickly overcome. The Dark Lord, focused only on the Jedi, is shot by Lochius's bodyguard droid, who gleefully mocks the dying Sith Lord who perishes in a blast of dark side energies. Neyna abandons her Hypocra identity and is taken in by the Jedi and taken to Zonama Sekot.
After Lumiya's death, Tamith Kai contacts Samira and the two start making plans for the future. Vergere contacts Darth Krayt and the two agree that Jacen Solo could be made into a new Sith Lord, although Vergere is disgusted with Krayt's evil and Krayt is unsure of Vergere's apparent insanity and her strange views concerning the Force. The two part ways, however, deciding that the Force will guide Jacen to Krayt better than they two (and Krayt gets rid of the increasingly annoying Vergere).
Acting under Darth Mortis's suggestions, Darth Necron starts to assassinate select members of the Chiss ruling families, hoping to stir enough unrest for a possible new religion based on Mortis Heresy to take place and turn the Ascendancy into a theocracy under the Sith's rule.
The Killiks are driven to expansion to gain more living room for their various hides, while the Dark Jedi Lomi Plo and Welk wage a silent war with their hives against Alema Rar's hive, obvious to the passing of Draconus, still believing that by enslaving the entire insectoid species, they can win their Lord's favor. The Killiks under Raynar Thul's - or as he is known in the hive, UluThul - seek more living space also. Unfortunately, the Chiss Ascendancy is quite near and in few years conflict might be inevitable.
In secret, Lochius starts a project to build a special unit consisting of General Grievous -like cyborgs in order to infiltrate the droid uprising's fleet. Neyna returns from Zonama Sekot and assumes the duty of Lochius's bodyguard.
Janen appears once more, teaching a wandering Jedi new paths in the Force.

31 A.B.Y.
The current year; the game begins.

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