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This is something that is still in work.  I am sorry about the Grammer errors and my wife is helping me to correct them but it takes time and I am still adding more to it.

This time line differs from the cannon one at the end of Return of the Sith (episode 3).  In the real movie Obi-Wan was able to cut off Vader’s arms and legs.  In this one (taken from the game’s alter ending) it is Vader that wins that fight killing Obi-Wan.  After the fight, He walks up to the Empire killing him and taking over the Empire for himself.  After he take Padme back with him.  She still die in childbirth but Vader keeps his son and daughter.


The rebels are very much like they are in the normal universe.  On of the changes though is that the Hutts are helping them fight to service as they are also not in good favor.


Lord Vader and his daughter princess Leia run the Empire.  Because of many attempts on his life (a lot via gas), Vader still wares his normal armor that we all know but it is not need for him to live.  He is almost never seen without his armor in public.  Leia is his assisted and and in charge of the Senate.  The Senate is still together but Leia or Vader can over rule any decision that is made whenever they like.  Leia while not formally trained as a Jedi does have more training then in the normal version and normally wears Black formal gown that conceal a Black flight suit that she can use in one full round action.


The Death Star was never built in the universe.


            Vader rebuilt the Jedi order shortly after he took over the Empire feeling that he could correct the mistakes of the old order.  The New Jedi order is more like Jensaarai and brought them into his Order.  This order does not see a difference in the light and dark side of the force as it is just a way to do what you need.  Latter as Luke grew he would join the Jedi order and rise quickly to become the master of the order only answering to his father but given a lot of freedom.  Luke also wears a Black Flight suit under a Jedi robe.


Because of Vader being a slave at a young age he had much hatred for the when he took over.  The Hutts have had the areas broken up and are at best second-class citizens to the point it is legal to kill a Hutts for no reason at all.  Because of the trouble many Hutt’s work for the rebels.   


            The crimal organizing is still around in the world but it does not benefit from the close association that it did in the other universe.

Live Hunts

            The upper noble enjoy a new sport that the most population does not know about.  They capture groups of people that may have cause trouble for the Empire and release them on a secret location with full armaments. This location is littered with killer droids programmed only to kill the captors.   The groups watching this then place bet on how long the captors will live and how many droids will be destroyed.  To date no one has ever lived.


Luke SkyWalker

Leia Skywalker

More to come.