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DeathMvp's Mixed Up Game
New Spell Page
New or Expanded Classes
Changes to make my game work right
Elemental Summoner
Feats added
Spell Points System
Special Credit
No Power Heroes.
Ghost Rider
Green Goblin
Green Lantern
Hob Goblin
Human Tourch
Ice Man
Invisible Women
Immortal Take 2
Martian Manhunter
MR. Fantastic
Mystery Men
Omega Red
Venom Costume
Wonder Woman

Another way to do Vampires.

+2 levels and 10% xp penalty. Challenge is +2 +.1 per level of the other class.

Disciplines are skill that only a vampire can take. If the skill is on your clan list then it is a cross-class skill if not it is a Cross-Cross-class skill (4 points to buy and normal max rank) (can not have more then 5 rankes in any one skill)
1 The ability to talk to animals via an eye to eye empathic link. (Gaze attack)
2 Call animals to your add (still working on)
3 Calm people, beast and animals (will DC= 10+level if fail they have no will to fight.)(Gaze attack)(Fail means can not work till level up)
4 Take over a animals body but still have mental powers (will DC=10+level) (will in control body in topor as if voluntary)
5 Give beast to other (they frenzy instead of you (will DC=10+level)

Auspex (senses)
1 Low light vision and 2x distinct on all vision
2 Aura Perception See aura
3 Know who last held a item
4 Read minds (Will DC=10+level)
5 leave your body and become astral (no items come with you)

Celerity (speed)
For each rank in this you get a free attack attion but you must burn a point of blood to use this power.

Charm monster by looking into their eyes (will DC=10+(rank *5)) (gaze attack)

Fortitude (DR)
This add more Dr to the Vamp then normal (+5 per rank)

Obfuscate (hide)
1 can blend with shadows to appear invisible.
2 Invisible at will
3 can look like other people
4 Make people forget you dissapered (will DC=10+rank)
5 Mass Inv. at will

Potence (strength)
For each rank add +2 to strength and an additional +1 to damage

Presence (attract)
1 Make people want to be near you (will DC=10+level)
2 Cause fear (will DC=10+rank) (gaze)
3 make some one so in love with you they will do anything for you. (Will DC=10+ rank this is perment unless dispel magic is used)
4 Summon a person that you know to you as fast as they can (will DC=10+rank)
5 All people are scared of you and respect you. (Nobody will dare cross you unless they make a will save DC=1+rank)

Protean (shape shift)
1 Gain Dark vision
2 Claws do 1d20+str+(1 per die normally example d3 means +3) per attack and will not provoke a attack of opportunity (uses a point of blood)(heal like fire on a vampire)
3 Meld with earth (use a point of blood)
4 Shape shift to wold or bat (use a point of blood)
5 Change to Mist (use a point of blood) (sun only does damage)

Thaumaturgy (spell)
Each rank regains the spell of that level is a blood point is used (2 rank get back all 1st and 2nd spell.)

You must pick a clan. (Clan is the same as the one that made you)
Clan Disciplines Weakness
Brujah Celerity, Potence, Presence Frenzy easier and longer
Gangrel Animalism, Fortitude, Protean Become more like an animal with each frenzy.
Malkavian Auspex, Dominate, Obfuscate all are crazy
Nosferatu Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence all look like monstors
Toreador Auspex, Celerity, Presence Concentrion check to remain focused
Tremere Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy only need 2 drink to be blood bound
Ventrue Domination, Fortitude, Presence Can only drink 1 kind of blood.

Blood you hold is your con score. You use 1 point a day to live.  Can burn a Blood point to heal all non fire damage to WP as a full round action.
Fire does X2 damage and can only heal con score in a day.
Cold doesX1.5 damage
Vampires have a DR of 10/- unless base creature has more.
If you drink from the same vamp 3 times you are forever under their power. (Will kill self if asked)
Sun does 40 point of damage a round if covered does 35 and can only heal con score in a day.
If a vampire is ever scared angered or if they have less then 10-wis modifier point of blood left in their blood pool you frenzy. You stay in frenzy as long as the trigger remains. While in frenzy You get +6 str +6 dex -10 (Min 1)int -10 (min 1)wis -10 (min 1)chr +10 hp (WP) per level (like barbarian). You can enter on your one at will but you will not drop it at will (up to dm as to when they come out of it and Brujah enter it faster and longer.)

If hp fall below -10  (WP) you slip into a topor for at least a day
If a wooden stake is put throw your hart you slip into a topor till it is removed
Is the sleep that a vampire goes into when they have been really relay hurt. In this state you can be killed by decaptason, fire, running water, or sunlight. A vampire must spend one point of blood to come out of a Topor and then he still only has 1 hp (wp). If a Vampire put himself into a Topor on purpose then he can come out of it at any time without losing the blood and with as many hp (VP+WP) as he when into it as.

Based off Vampire Rpg.