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+1 level


Kinetic Charge: You have the ability to tap into the potential energy contained within an object and transform it into kinetic energy. He can then use this kinetically charged object as a projectile, which explodes on contact. Anything can be charged with kinetic energy. The amount of energy that can be charged into the object depends on the size of the object. The size of the object also determines how long it takes to charge. The bigger the object the longer it takes. The second that an object is in yours hand the object can be charged with energy making the action of charging the object a free and instant action. However the size of the object also plays a factor in how long it takes to charge. The objects that You can use can not be flesh, or living like material, which means that besides being able to charge a weapon that he is holding he can charge furniture, stone walls, metal, wood, rock, etc. You can charge as many objects as he likes so long as he is able to hold enough of them in his hand(s). For instance he can charge up to a handful of tiny/small objects instantly, and depending on the length and width of anything larger also determines the quantity of objects he can charge. An example of this is that while he can charge up to 20 arrows, or bolts for a medium ranged weapon, 10 per hand, he can only charge up to 2 melee weapons, 1 per hand for medium to large weapons. You can also charge objects longer than an instant charge to improve on the destructive power however if he charges the object too much it can explode inferno of him.

Tiny and small objects are considered and instant charge. Tiny objects can only take the instant charge while small objects can be charged a little more. These objects gain a +1d4 to damage on impact. Small objects gain a +2 to damage on top of the +1d4. The nice thing about using tiny/small objects is that several of these can be thrown at once to effect a greater area, but the size of the explosions are confined to an individual target. If aimed correctly, (called shot to the head), You can knock someone, or thing out for 1d4 minutes (for dc=10+damage). You also get a +1 to damage per his level. Explosions made by these attacks can make a person of small to medium size stumble or fall depending on how many times they are hit (reflex dc=damage). The target gains a -1 to any saves in this regard per object that hits them for the attack but only one save need.

Medium objects can take an instant charge doing minor damage, or a full charge doing greater damage. A quick instant charge gives a +1d4 to damage, +1d4 every other level to a max of +4d4 to damage. Fully charging the object takes one action. The damage is now increased to 1d6 however, and gains a +2 to damage every level, (+26 to damage currently) the explosions made by these attacks are much larger and hit with enough forced to knock a person of small to medium size back several feet (dc 10+damage and puched back damage in feat if fail). Any saving throw made to remain standing is at a minus equal to the weight of the weapon, or object that hits them. Explosions made by these attacks can affect up to 2 people at once and can now stumble large creatures.

Large objects take even longer to charge due to their size. A partial charge takes one action, while a full charge takes a full action. A partial charge gives a +1d6 to damage, +1d6 every other level to a max of +4d6 to damage. A full charge doubles the amount of dice rolled for damage. So instead of a +4d6 to damage it would be +8d6. The explosions made by these attacks very large, and explode with tremendous force. The force of this blast is an area effect that effects an area from 15ft to 30ft depending on the charge. The blast form these explosions are now strong enough to stumble creatures of up to huge creatures. Saving throws are at a minus equal to the weight of the object (REflec dc=10+damage Blown back damge x2 in feet.).

Huge objects normally exclude weapons since weapons normally don't come in this size. However objects like boulders, and structures like houses can be effected. The size of the object, or structure determines how long it takes to charge the thing. For every 2 feet of the object, or structure to be charged it takes 1 minute. Every 2ft of the object, or structure charged add 1d8 to damage. The blast area of the fully charged object, or structure is equal to the total amount of feet charged doubled. Anything caught within the explosion not only takes the explosion damage, but they also take damage form any shrapnel. Anything caught just out side of the blast radius only has to worry about shrapnel. Creatures of Gargantuan to Colossal size are effected by these blasts. Saving throws are at a minus equal to the weight or size of the object or structure. This blast will knock down anything from tiny to large in size; there is no save to remain standing unless the person or creature is just out side of the blast radius.

You can de-charge an object if he likes if he chooses a different action. Charged objects can hold their charge for up to their max damage code in minutes if left just lying around. Any amount of pressure or a sharp jarring can set of the charged object. If worked right You can set up a really nasty trap like charging an empty chest, wait for his enemy to get near it and then hit it with some sort of projectile. Yours power is very versatile and can be put to many different uses like opening doors, and locks. Weapons and objects charged are destroyed unless they are magical then they get a saving throw. Creatures and beings can make a reflex save for half damage on blasts that are large to huge in size, other blasts get no save for half, just a save to remain standing.

Also one last thing. You do tire out. He can not charge anything for at least 5-6 minutes after he charges a huge object or structure. Repeated charging of large objects also tire him out after 6 minutes of repeated charging. Tiny to medium objects however doesnt really faze him. Charged objects emit a slight glow that casts a little light. Charged objects also seem to fly, (when thrown) +5 to hit and auto profisent, with incredible accuracy, and winds seem to not really affect the flight of the object. That is so long as the wind isn't too strong.