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Ice Man
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Ice Man

+2 Level


Note in either ice form he is immune to all ice and cold-based attacks. In normal form he only takes 1/4 the damage automatically. Fire based attacks are at half damage, even a dragons fire breath is at half damage. Icemans body actually won't melt until he is at 1/4 his HP, in which case his ice form, (either one), will start to melt. He will lose 1 AC for every round that he is exposed to flames or extreme heat in his ice forms.   And regains it at the same rate.
Can remain in ice forms for 1 hour per level.

Ice Manipulation:
At first Level
He can also project a cone of cold, like the spell. This attacks damage is equal to his level with a max rating of 20d6 possible!

Last of all Iceman can shieth his body in ice. In his ice shieth provides an AC of +5. The ice shieth is an instant transformation.   DR 3/-

As for transportation Iceman can create ice sleds, and pillars to move him about. His speed of movement is equal to 70, but he can only go up to about 200ft. Pillars usually have a thickness of about 4ft (HD8 720wp), and his ice sled has a thickness of about 6-7 inches (HD8 105wp)(as if it was stone.).

At third Level
Ice weapons that are created do damage equal to the weapon they are molded after. Iceman unconsciously replenishes these ice weapons as they melt and chip. They are about as tuff as normal weapons but they of course are made of ice, and will chip and break easier than metal. Anything made ice has a hardness of 8, equal to that of stone, and not the normal 0 for ice on the table 8-12 on page 136 in the players hand book. Creating ice weapons takes 1 action, unless he has the quick draw feet, in which case he can create a weapon as a free action. He can also wave his arm to throw ice projectiles like ice-cicles, or snowballs. Snowballs, depending on its size, can temporarily blind a person (reflex DC10+1/3 level), and the ice-cicles do damage like arrows, but this also depends on their size.

Ice shields are usually about 6 inches to 3ft thick unless he needs something stronger (HD8 with 90-540wp). Creating an ice shield takes a full action if creating one that is thicker than 1ft, 1 full action per foot.

One last thing Iceman can do is encasing a person in ice, which is like making an ice wall or shield.  (Touch attack and they get a reflex save DC10+level) 

At fifth level
Last of all Iceman can turn his entire body to ice and his ice forms make no sounds like cracking or pooping noises when he walks and moves. If he is shattered it wont kill him either his body will reform after a given pierod of time, usually at a rate of 1 inch per hour. If his entire body is melted to the evaporating point he will be killed. His sold ice form provides an AC of +9 DR (1 per level)/(+1 per 5 level) (All VP and Wp become Wp but does not get foriged till below his con, When turning back fill WP first.) . The full ice form takes one action.

Iceman's final ability in ice manipulation is temperature control. Although he can not raise the temperature he can if he focuses and concentrates lower the temperature of an area to -105 degrees F. A successful concentration roll lowers the temperature by 10 degrees plus his level. When he stops using this aspect of his power the temperature will quickly return to normal. At zero frost will instantly begin to form, and at -10 people will begin to take ice damage of 1d4 each round. The amount goes up by 1d4 every -10 degree, until he is at -50 below zero. At this point ice damage is doubled, hypothermia sets in almost instantly, (saves can be made for half damage), for those with out cold weather protection, or any cold protection, (a save for hypothermia is made every round until a fail is gotten.) Also all actions are at a -5 due to the extreme cold. At -105 things begin to freeze completely, this includes people. A successful save each round means that the person is not frozen but they are at a -10 to all actions only beings of ice or turn into ice are immune to this.
At seventh level
Iceman can increase his size, only in his sold ice form. This increase his Strength but he losses in his Dexterity. Every inch in thickness adds a +1 to Strength, but he gets a -1 to Dexterity for every +2 that is added to his Strength. After 6" he gain a +1 to his AC for 6" he gains. Icemans Dexterity can not fall below 11 no mater how big he gets.