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The Nameccians

+1 level


Nameks are a rare race of beings that are never easy to find, but they are always easy to pick out. All nameks tend to look alike to some extent. That extent is in the form of how their bodies look. All nameks are green skin with pink ribbed areas on their bodies denoting major muscle groups. The also have large elf like ears and antenna. They are completely devoid of body hair, have a prominent brow, and slightly elongated canine teeth. Nameks tend to keep to them selves but like elves they will defend woodlands and nature in general when it is threatened. The elves and nameks have a good relationship, and it is sometimes a common site to see one in a group of elves.

Personality: Nameks seem to be very similar to elves in many respects. Like elves they are more often amused than excited, more likely to be curious than greedy. Nameks tend to be very focused and relentless when pursuing goals. Nameks are also very quiet and believe in actions speaking louder than words. Nameks usually make friends quickly do to their pleasant natures. Nameks are usually very kind and compassionate people who sometimes will go out of their way to help a person in need.

Physical Description: Nameks are tall broad shouldered individuals, although nameks come in a variety of sizes from 4ft to over 6ft tall. They are all male, and reproduce by throwing up an egg. All nameks are green skinned with pink ribbed areas on their bodies they also have elongated canine teeth, and they have antenna. Nameks reach adult hood with in 16 years. They can live to be as old as 1,200 years old. Nameks don't begin to show their age until around the age of 700. Nameks usually don't venture from their village until around the age of 50, since the first parts of their lives are spent in training and education.

Relations: Nameks get along fine with just about everybody. Nameks try to listen to each side of the story and decide which way they will go. Nameks have an extreme dislike for evil persons and creature and will fight fiercely against them. Nameks are sometimes mistaken as orcs or half orcs, but they are much better looking.

Alignment: Nameks tend to be of good alignments only. Most of the time they are either neutral good, or lawful good.

Namek Lands: Nameks live in small villages usually far from cities and villages. Their huts are large rounded clay huts that usually can house 3-4 nameks. Nameks usually stay in their villages, but some nameks venture out to explore the world. Nameks in other peoples lands are adventurers and seekers of knowledge that they will take back to their village to keep them informed of what is going on out side of their small village.

Religion: Nameks tend not to really worship any deities openly in the ways others do. Nameks tend to worship Obad-Hai, God of Nature.

Languages: Nameks have their own language, which almost sounds like they are speaking common, backwards. Nameks can read and write, but they rarely keep any record or write any type of literature. Nameks tend to also speak both elf and common fluently.

Names: Namek names are usually based loosely after musical instruments, or building items, or philosophers. Such names would be Piccolo, Dende, Nail, Guru, and Kame. Usually namek names tend to have some sort of meaning behind them. Piccolo, for instance, means to journey.

Adventures: Namek adventures are strong leaders and a voice of reason at times. Nameks travel around to see the world, and learn about how the world works. Nameks love solitude at times and will at many times go off on there own to meditate, and observe the scenery.

Namek Racial Traits

*+1 to Strength and Constitution, -1 Charisma.

*Medium sized: As medium sized creatures Nameks have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

*Namek base speed is 35. Nameks are unusually faster than normal beings.

*Regeneration: Nameks have the ability to heal or regenerate any part of their anatomy. They heal at a rate of 1 HP (VP) per 10 minutes +1 every level. They can regenerate at a rate of 1 inch per hour. Nameks can also instantly regenerate a by spending ki. When the character spends 20 ki (VP if no KI) they can regenerate any limb, and instantly regain 1d8 HP (WP) +1d8 every 4 levels. This is a Natural Ability, and can only be used on them. (This is really fast healing and not regeneration)

*Superior Hearing: Nameks have incredible hearing. They gain a +3 racial bonus on Listen checks.

*Low-light Vision: Nameks can see better than twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

*Automatic Languages: Namek, and common. Bonus languages: Elven, Dwarf, and Draconic.

*Immunities: Nameks have a strong immune system due to their healing abilities. Nameks gain a +3 racial bonus on saving throws vs. poisons, toxins and venomous.

*Nameks have tuff skin that offers a +1 to AC. This is a Natural Ability.

*Nameks can us ki regardless of class. All Nameks start with the Summon Ki Feat free automatically

*Favored Class: Fighter. Nameks tend to be fighters when the go out and explore the world. Nameks are usually never anything beyond being a fighter or a cleric. However every so often a Namek is a Z-Fighter. Z Fighter Nameks tend to stand out amongst other Nameks. Piccolo and Nail are two examples.

Namek Racial Abilities

*Special Cleric Abilities: Namek clerics have the unique ability to heal others similar to the way a Paladin lays on hands. Nameks can spend 10 ki (VP if no KI) to restore 1 point of HP (VP). The amount restored goes up by 1 point every level. The user of this power can not use it on them selves though. Considered both a Natural and Extraordinary ability.

*Special Fighter Abilities: Namek Fighters or Z-Fighters are tuffer than other nameks and have a +1 to their AC on top of their racial bonus. They also get a +1 to their initiative. These are Natural bonuses for Fighters and Z-Fighters only.

*Stretching: Nameks have the ability to stretch out any part of their body to quadruple its normal length. They still hit and do damage as normal but the character attacks are now ranged attacks. This can be used to grab things or people, or wrap a person up in the coils of their arms. It will cost 5 ki (VP) per 5ft strike or use of this ability. This is an extraordinary ability.

*Flight: The character can fly at a speed off 90ft in any direction at 3rd level. The character can descend at double that speed. The Namek can take to the air as many times as they like. How ever if their HP (WP)falls to 5 or lower the Namek does not have enough strength to become air born. They can remain in the air for their constitution times 5 in minutes. If they are attacked in the air and hit for double damage they are knocked out of the sky, the Namek gets to make a Will saving throw to keep from falling out of the sky with the dc equal to the damage. When falling the character takes 1d6 damage every 10ft. The character gets to make the save every 10ft. The character maneuverability rating is perfect. The character must make Will check, DC 10 to become air born. This check is made after every 5 minutes of the character not being in flight. This is an Extraordinary Ability