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Summon Ki: This feat allows a person to use ki.
Benefit: The character is now able to use ki. (See Ki rules for determining the characters Power Level, and Power up below.) The characters power level increases in corispodece to the level at which this feat is gained. Example: If the character is level 5 upon getting this feat then the feat provides them with a power level of a level 1, at level 6 their power level would be that of a level 2.

Your total Ki is at first level (d6*10)+d6+con mod. On each level up you get (10*con mod)+ STR mod.

You can power up 3 ways but you only have 6 power ups a day. #3 is unlimited. Till the end of combat. At rest you have your level in ki.

1) Full power up: You power up to full as a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. If hit during this time you must make a concentration check DC=10+damage. This counts as 3 power ups. You also take 3*level in knock out damage

2) 1/3 power up: You power up to 1/3 your full power and this is a movement action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. This counts as 1 power up. You take your level in knock out damage.

3) Slow Power up: As a free action once per round you can power up your Wis. mod*5+your level if you make a concentration check of DC=15 (If you have a 1 mod you can not use this till 6 level and then at 1 point only)

Now as for powers the character pretty much can mix up their own special attack. This is anything from an energy blast to a power that boosts strength. Below is a chart on the different options that can be used to create an attack. Note though that you can only use 1 effect option on 1 attack type. Attacks will be separate from physical boosting options. All energy blasts start with a base range of 150 yards. The character gets to add their Intelligence modifier to hit, but they do not get to use any of their other modifiers. You can only do 1d per level max.

Attack Effect Options: Type of Attack Effect, and Ki cost each is a full round action.

Normal Energy Blast----Ordinary energy blast does normal damage. 10 ki per 1d6 damage.

Rapid Fire----------------> This attack affects multiple targets, but it losses in power. 6 ki per blast, 1d4 damage each Blast. Each blast is at a -1 to hit beyond the first. Example 10 attacked is each at 9 to hit.

Type of Effect Option Effect on Attack, and additional Ki cost
Area Affect--------------> This is a blast of energy meant to damage several things in one blast. +5 ki per every 10 ft that is affected by damage. (This still must be targeted on someone not on open space.)

Homing------------------> Basically this enhancement allows the character up to 4 chances to hit their target. For 20 ki the character can role to hit with the energy attack each round. So if the attack initially misses then the character gets another opportunity to hit with it in the next melee. Note however that this effect can not allow the user to shoot around corners the target must be visible. This is also called a Guided attack. Example if you pay 60 you can try to him for up to 3 rounds if you miss.

Bending-------> This is 5 ki per bend up to a 90-degree angle. Effectively this allows the character to shoot around corners to have an attack miss its target or go for a different target.

Deadly Effect-----------> The energy blast is capable of doing massive damage to an opponent in one hit. The attack gets a critical 20/x2 damage for 15 ki, the number needed can be lowered by 1 point for every 15 extra ki spent. (Ignores Hardness ratings.) You can also put on Multiplier.

Delayed Blast-------------> The energy blast is a delayed affect. The character can fire it on one turn, fight for a few other turns then have the blast hit on another turn. The blast gains the benefits of a A surprise attacks and is launched at the character command. 10 ki per turn of combat that the character wishes to delay the blast.

Multiplier------------------> This vastly alters the strength of the energy blast. This effect adds a multiplier to the damage dealt from an energy blast. 60 ki is spent to add a x2 to damage. For each additional 30 ki spent the multiplier goes up by one. So at 90 ki the attack is at x3. At low levels only the x2 is possible, but every 4 levels allows the character to boost the x2 up by one point. (Max of x4 to damage.) This only improves the multiplier in the Deadly Effect and can not be used with normal damage the full 60 must be paid and this effect will only enhance the Deadly effect multiplier by one point. (This one must be put on with Deadly Effect.


Physical effect boosters are used to temporarily enhance different abilities of the character. These can range form have a few extra attacks to increasing ones strength. All of the effects take one action to do except for the Boosted Actions effect. This effect can be used as a free action (but can not be used if powering up). The bonuses of some effects have a maximum limit, and some don't. Starting at level one the character can only boost their actions, reactions or strength by 1 point. This amount increases by 1 point every 4 levels. At level 12 the character will have hit the +4 limit. If the character is at level 12 and wishes to boost their strength by 4 then they would need to fork out 60 ki to do so. Boosted Speed is different from the others.

Physical Effect Options Type of Boost effect, and Ki cost
Strength Boost-------> A temporary boost to the characters Strength rating. At the end of the next combat turn the boost is gone. This is 15 ki per +1 to STR. The Max possible is +4 to STR.

Boosted Actions------> For every 20 ki spent the character gets 1 extra action. The extra action is good only for one action, (Max of +4 actions possible.) The character gets no bonuses to hit though.

Boosted Reactions---> For every 15 ki spent the character gets a +1 to all reaction roles, and a +1 to dodge (AC bonus), (Max of +4 possible.)

Multiple Image------->The character is capable of creating a clone of themselves. The clone has half of the characters stats. 80 ki per clone. The clone will stay for only 1 round. 50 more ki can be invested to keep it around for another round. The clones are capable of doing combat.

Boosted Speed----> The characters speed drastically increases. 10 ki per +5 to speed they wish to gain. (The effects last for 1 melee.) (Max of +20 possible.) Also increases flying speed.

Sense power ------> The character is able to sense the life force of those around them. They can also hide their own life forces from detection. A concentration check is needed to sense the life force of a person. A successful concentration check means that the character can sense the life force of those around them. The DC for sensing a persons life force is 20 -1 per level of person +1 per 20 feeta way. A persons life force is their HP. If the person is hiding then it is their concentration check Vs yours. Any power that blocks normal senses block this. (inv, silence, Non-detection ext.) This is a free action that cost 1 ki.


Magic spell will cancel out any and all ki attack on it. If a wiz cast mage armor on him self and then is hit with an energy blast the blast will not hurt the wiz. The wiz can still use his ki blast though. This effect is only on spell and spell like ability a magical suit of armor will not protect you from the blast.