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Spider-Man Movie Verson

+4 level


Spider Climb: Just like the spell, only you permanently have this ability which he can make use of out of instance, much like walking. He can climb and traverse any surface just like the spell unless the surface is silk or oily in which case moving about can prove difficult or impossible at times. Unlike the spell you can where thin gloves and boots and still move about with ease. Also unlike the Spell you can move around at his full speed rating. You can not fail his Climbing roles while using his spider climbing ability. A failed role simply means that You will slide down about 1d6 feet. Also this power can be employed to remain standing in one place or to move about when there is no gravity or to walk around on the bottom of something underwater or in any other environment that would cause you to float. The power provides a +4 to any Balance checks made while you are using his power. You can also traverse any type of spider webbing including his own as well as the spell with no effect unless he is physically tangled in it in which case he is at half of the normal penalties.

Spider Attributes: Spider-man has the strength, speed, and endurance of a spider in proportion to his size. This gives you a +20 to Strength, +20 to Dexterity, a +5 to Constitution, and a +12 to his Speed. Also Spider-man heals a bit faster than a normal human. Double all Hit Points that are regained when healing naturally. (2 Hit Points per character level per day of rest.)

Spider Sense: Yours spider sense is a sort of early warning system built into his head. He could be sound asleep and then suddenly be awake the next second thanks to his spider sense. At any time he is in any sort of danger his spider sense will go off to a varying degree of severity. If its a moderate threat like some two bit thug he will get a mild warning, while more powerful beings like a mage or a seasoned fighter would really set off his spider sense. This ability provides you with the ability to never be caught flat footed and immune to surprise attacks. Opponents must go up against yours high AC rating before they can hit you. Also this power provides you with the effects of Blind Fighting and Lightning Reflexes feats. Also if you fails a hiding check his spider sense will go off warning you that he still can be seen, or that he has been spotted.   You also get a miss chance on any attack that hits you like you have Concealment of 30%+1%/level.

The web shoot's can effectively fire a line at up to 15 feet away, but has a maximum range of up to 180 feet if needed. The line has a tension strength of 500 lbs. Can web sling for 2x movement. You are also able to fire off some unique web projectiles which are listed below. Webbing disserves in two hours. (Unlimited)
Eye Shot- -4 to hit but if hit can not see till pulled off (Str check DC25 move action)
Web-Net A web-net is a net that can be fired. It can have a line leading back to Spider man if he has the shooter still active, or it can be just the net. This can be used to immobilize a person if they are against a wall or on the ground, or if not it simply entangles them. However double the penalties for being entangled due to the webs stickiness. The other use is to catch someone falling. This can be from either under the person firing up, (you will need 2 structures on either side of the person for the net to stick to), or from above the person with a line attached to the net. Once enwrapped in the net the stickiness of it helps seal the person up in it. Net sizes are like that of the shield. Small nets are met to catch small things like pets, items, or 1 full-grown person. Medium nets are met to catch people, a medium net can hold up to 3 people in it. Large nets are for slightly extreme cases like catching several falling people, or a large creature. Although the large net can hold something the size an ogre in it, it is more for slowing down or even impairing something.
Spider Costome- The costoum cost you 30 gold to make and gives Spiderman and only Spiderman a DR3/1 like he was a high level Barbarian.  This protection will not help from small thing like arrows as they can hit inbetwwen the meatel.  This covers his head, arms, chest, upperback.  I add this as that is the way it looks like to me from watching the movie but it is up to you.